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The smart Greenhouse Controller Ridder HortiMaX-Go!

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The Ridder HortiMaX-Go! The solution that fits HortiMaX-Go! Unique and distinctive A large part of the Earth’s surface is used for agriculture to To meet these market needs, HortiMaX has developed the The HortiMaX-Go! is an all-new horticultural computer designed for growers starting out in protected cultivation and looking feed our growing world population. In many countries, open all-new HortiMaX-Go! - the Smart Greenhouse Controller. for an entry-level automation system. It is the perfect alternative to the current Dutch high-tech solutions that are often too field cultivation is very...

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From selection to solution: Plug, Play and Grow Climate controls Water controls You can create your own custom HortiMaX-Go! by selecting the desired components and controls. You can choose any components and controls that meet your specific needs. The more elements you add, the more extensive your system will be. The HortiMaX-Go! consists of the following: • HortiMaX-Go! Controller • HortiMaX-Go! Smart Switches Cont • HortiMaX-Go! Sensor units • HortiMaX-Go! Control units and panels • HortiMaX-Go! Cloudbox for internet access Meteo-Go! Roof Ventilation Side Ventilation Outside Screen...

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HortiMaX-Go! Controller The Smart Controller consists of both hardware and There are six different start conditions to start irrigation (see Clear and unambiguous alarms software. All required software is included as standard and is The main settings of all the connected irrigation and climate below). These start conditions are described further on. Another unique feature of the HortiMaX-Go! is its clear and equipment can be entered on one comprehensive screen. unambiguous alarm messages. These warning messages The HortiMaX-Go! can not only be set to fixed positions or are displayed in...

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Smart Switches for Climate Controls Selection of Smart Switches A HortiMaX-Go! system can be completely custom-built to your needs with a total of 32 controls or Smart Switches. A Smart Switch features intelligent functionality to perform its specific function for the connected equipment. An overview of the available controls can be found later in this brochure. Meteo-Go! Weather/Alarm Smart Switch for connecting the weather station and the alarm contact. The unique features of our Smart Switches: • Automatic detection: plug and play • Feedback when manual operation is enabled • Returns...

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HortiMaX-Go! sensor units HortiMaX-Go! control units and panels Control units To ensure fast installation and reliable control of equipment, Ridder has designed various control units. These comply with international legislation and contain first-class components with the required quality marks, making them suitable for use worldwide. For instance, every control unit is equipped with thermal overload protection. This is mandatory worldwide. Certain control units are fitted with an emergency stop for additional protection. Smart Switches and other components are easy to click onto the DIN...

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HortiMaX-Go! Cloudbox Ridder FertiMiX-Go! The HortiMaX-Go! features a responsive design, making it compatible with any device. It doesn’t matter whether you work with The FertiMiX-Go! is ideal for growers seeking an automatic fertilizer dosing system that is affordable and easy to use. The FertiMiX-Go! consists of a mixing tank unit that is equipped with a HortiMaX-Go! greenhouse controller. The intuitive touchscreen interface opens up a whole new world of irrigation capabilities. The irrigation controls include a host of start To have access anywhere via the Internet, you will need our...

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Smart Switches for irrigation control In addition to the above specifications, the FertiMiX-Go! includes the following irrigation controls as standard: EC Smart Switch for controlling up to four EC valves if a flow meter and two EC sensors are connected. This control allows up to four fertilizers to be mixed together with the aid of accurate pulse-dosing valves. Using the dosing The FertiMiX-Go! includes the following options to start and stop irrigation: Valve group manual start Allows a valve group to be activated by a manual command. ratio control, you can set the desired ratio for each...

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