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Accurate irrigation and transpiration monitoring ridder.com ridder.com Ridder ProDrain

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Make your crops thrive with precision irrigation Ridder ProDrain allows you to monitor the water uptake, transpiration level and growth rate of your crop plants. ProDrain Control based on undersaturation level Growth monitoring for hanging crops displays real-time information on irrigation, water uptake, transpiration, growth, the substrate’s saturation level and the Every grower knows that you should avoid a wet root If used for hanging crops (e.g. high-wire tomatoes or drain water volume 24 hours a day. It even displays this information when there is no solar irradiance (incoming...

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Maximize production by placing your crop in control Monitor plant transpiration with ProDrain Commercial growers have always been taught that That’s why growers are extremely interested in the actual Measures plant transpiration maximum crop production depends on maintaining the water uptake and transpiration rate of their crop plants. ProDrain accurately measures plant transpiration: ideal greenhouse climate. This makes sense, of course, What not many growers know, however, is that it has been ♦Weight measurement of irrigation water, gutter weight and drain water ♦ and up to now, most...

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TranspirationPeter van Beveren vs. model measurement October 15, 2013 Peter van Beveren Radiation (W m−2 ) Transpiration (g m−2 h−1 ) Radiation (W m−2 tot (−) τ) Transpiration (g m−2 h−1 ) τtot (−) Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) findings Real-time symbolic view Real-time transpiration measurement Plant transpiration under normal and diffuse glass Plant transpiration under normal glass is much more irregular than under diffuse glass. This is shown clearly in the graphs below. 13-Apr-12 14-Apr-12 15-Apr-12 16-Apr-12 17-Apr-12 18-Apr-12 19-Apr-12 20-Apr-12 13-Apr-12 14-Apr-12...

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How does ProDrain work? ProDrain constantly measures the weight of the irrigation Fully automated irrigation based on water uptake Paul Selina water, the drain water, the substrate slab and the plants The desired water quantity in the substrate slabs can be (the last-named in the case of hanging crops). The system represented as the moisture content from 0-100%. The We’ve been using Ridder ProDrain since 2007. First keeps track of all fluctuations in weight. Since measurements problem is that irrigation is applied in volume (e.g. litres) at our GATES™ greenhouse and now all our Texas are...

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Measure to manage All growers aim to produce the best-quality product, in maximum quantities, at the right times and with as few resources as Experiences from the field possible. Tracking daily crop performance is the key to producing maximum yields. To monitor crop performance, ProDrain Paul Selina Village Farms has been working with ProDrain for The increase in plant weight is far from stable throughout determines the actual crop growth rate by measuring the increase in fresh weight. over seven years. He uses the plant weight and growth data the day. At night, water uptake and plant...

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Real-time comparison of measured and simulated crop transpiration in greenhouse process control A.N.M. de Koning and I. Tsafaras as for conditioning the greenhouse climate. With numerous rules (if …then) and mutual influences and associated settings, Applying more intelligent algorithms in the process computers that control the greenhouse climate and irrigation In modern greenhouses a process control computer takes care of the integrated control of installations for irrigation as well may help growers to optimize crop growth and yields as well as save energy. A greenhouse process computer...

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Real-time comparison of measured and simulated crop transpiration in greenhouse process control Implementation in process control computers which was running through a separate controller in the process control system. The script controller was able to transfer data In the present study data were obtained from two commercial greenhouses; one located in Pijnacker (The Netherlands) and The programming language Python 3.3.5 was used to implement the described mathematical algorithms in a script file, the other in Texas (USA). The growers provided historical data for calibration and validation...

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Real-time comparison of measured and simulated crop transpiration in greenhouse process control Results Validation of transpiration model The validation and the calibration of the transpiration model were carried out with historical data from April and May 2014, from greenhouse A in The Netherlands. Firstly, the model was calibrated for the characteristics of a tomato crop by adjusting a crop specific parameter in the model (Tsafaras and De Koning, in preparation). Then, the model was tested over a wide range of the climatic variables. During the simulated days the daily radiation sum...

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Real-time comparison of measured and simulated crop transpiration in greenhouse process control Without adjusting parameters the model predicted the transpiration of the tomato crop very well under different climatic conditions as well for different cultivars. Therefore the transpiration model seems robust for general application in tomato. Implemented in the greenhouse process computer at commercial nurseries, when a difference was noticed between predicted and measured transpiration, the computer warned the grower for unexpected behavior of his crop. Due to the architecture of the...

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