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Disinfect water safely without adding chemicals Ridder VitaLite

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Water disinfection Are you also facing the challenge of having to increase crop production? All while trying to make production cheaper, safer and more reliable? How do you achieve that? And how do you avoid your crops becoming too expensive by applying too much water and fertilizer? Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, and fertilizer use needs to be reduced due to environmental concerns and the depletion of phosphate resources. A key part of meeting this challenge is recycling the irrigation water that hasn’t been absorbed by your plants. Much of this drain water still contains a...

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Effective disinfection with the VitaLite The VitaLite is designed specifically for water disinfection. The VitaLite provides the most reliable, effective and efficient VitaLite models disinfection method for treating drain water, reservoir water or irrigation water. This low-pressure UV disinfection unit kills 99.9% Our VitaLite range consists of various models for every type of crop, required capacity and UV transmission rate. of all pathogens without adding chemicals to the water. Some benefits of our new generation VitaLite: 1. The new VitaLite is easy to program and set up. This is made...

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The radiation chambers have been optimized, resulting in extremely reliable and efficient water disinfection. The unique flow management system and specially-designed couplings between The expansion tank ensures a better pressure distribution within the unit. the chambers ensure a sustainable disinfection process. Depending on the UV transmission rate, the unit can be fitted with different quartz tube diameters. The VitaLite is equipped with two water sampling taps. The taps are heated continuously to sterilize them, preventing water samples from Control cabinet with built-in computer:...

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How the VitaLite works In a closed growing system, the irrigation water that hasn’t been absorbed by the plants, including the unabsorbed fertilizers, doesn’t disappear into the ground and isn’t discharged, but is fully reused (in a process called recirculation). However, before reuse, this reclaimed irrigation water (or drain water) first needs to be purified, as pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, from one plant can infect an entire crop. This would not only spell disaster for production, but also your profits. The VitaLite neutralizes pathogens safely and effectively using UV...

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"We are glad to help, wherever you are in the world" Ridder is a fast-growing international company with more than 300 enthusiastic employees, a global dealer network and offices in various countries. This enables us to stay close to our customers. Ridder Drive Systems B.V. Ridder Agri Technology, Shanghai Ridder Climate Screens B.V. Oakwood Village, OH Ridder Growing Solutions B.V. Ridder North America Canada, Leamington Office Ridder France, Saint Brévin les Pins T +33 2 4039 0304 Ridder North America U.S.A., Cleveland Office T +1 519 322 1400 Saint Brévin les Pins Ridder México,...

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