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GEO LLDPE GEO LL X GEO LL X is a lightweight geomembrane ideal for applications requiring moderate chemical resistance and strength, along with premium flexibility. GEO LL GEO LL meets and usually exceeds the international standards of GRI GM17. GEO LL offers great flexibility, outstanding resistance to low temperature and UV exposure. GEO LL premium GEO LL Premium liners are the finest version of LLDPE Liners. This film is capable of resisting punctures tears. These liners are being used for Waste Lagoons, Floating Covers, Tunnels, and Remediation. HYMA PLASTIC Hyma Plastic is a private shareholder company founded in 1976. Today Hyma Plastic has over 30 production lines and is leading the Middle East and African Markets with a capacity of producing over 45,000 tons per year, exporting over 25% of our production to over 20 countries. GEO HDPE GEO HD X GEO HD X is ideal for applications requiring moderate chemical resistance and strength. Backed by more than 40 years experience, X is a lightweight geomembrane that utilizes the same basic technology discovered in GEO HD/LD series. GEO HD GEO HD is the most commonly used HDPE geomembrane since they are the preferred project lining material. Hyma’s GEO HD meets and usually exceeds the international standards of GRI GM13. GEO HD premium Hyma’s GEO HD Premium geomembrane liners are the highest-strength and most chemically resistant geomembrane on the market. These high-strength liners were developed to contain and protect against acids, oils, methane and alkalis. Hyma offers a variety of Geo films that can be used in many different lining and insulation applications; mining, landfill lining, biogas, pond lining, water management, oil and gas extraction, and more. Textures Colours Thickness Hyma Plastic produces Geomembrane using pure virgin HDPE and LLDPE resins that meet and exceed all the international standards.

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IDEAS TO GROW WITH… GEO HT are specially engineered HDPE geomembranes that provide enhanced mechanical performance and improved chemical stability at elevated temperatures. These films are able to retain their mechanical and physical properties when exposed to temperatures up to 212°F. Address: 22 Hades El Obour Salah Salem, Nasr City, Cairo, Construction Film Our Construction Film is an LDPE film made of pure virgin materials to be used as a cover or a vapor barrier. It is an ideal solution for moisture control in different applications including concrete roads, airport runways, pools,...

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