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GEVISPACE & FEEDING STALLS A complete line of products for tailor made well-being! The feeding stalls remove all competition during feeding. Each sow has its own place, these means that even dominated sows receive their ration. This is even more true with 122 cm feeding stalls, because the flanks of the sows are protected, which allows peaceful feeding. Setting up feeding stalls makes it possible to have a very calm atmosphere in the pig houses. In fact, after a few days, the sows often lie down in the feeding stalls. The Gevispace feeder with gate makes it possible for the farmer to block a sow if required, without isolating it from Further, its gate makes it possible to free space behind the l-TEK I Z.A. Les Dineux I 22250 Tremeur I Tel. 02 96 84 65 55 I Fax.02 96 84 65 51 I

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GEVISPACE & FEEDING STALLS 3. Legotek I-TEK offers you the possibility of fitting out your gestating sow pens with a combination of barred and PVC barriers. In order to keep the aisles clean, PVC barriers are placed along the collective pen. This also facilitates the passage of the sows. They easily enter and exit the collective pens. 4. The farmer passage In the design of these fittings, the farmer should not be forgotten. Using this passage, the farmer can now pass from one pen to the other for feeding, vaccinations etc. Advantage? The farmer does not have to leave the pen each time to...

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