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TEMPO FEEDER Naturally, at the rhythm of water Studies and practical experiments have shown the benefits for growth, the consumption index and the health of piglets and pigs of giving them wet and sequenced feed according to a timetable. For wet feed there are already feeder boxes available, but they are often difficult to adjust. Appliances also exist for sequencing, but they all use major mechanical and electronic resources. They are therefore expensive and require recurring maintenance and repairs. The TEMPO FEEDER is an interval feeder which, by its simplicity of design and use, makes the widespread use of sequencing and wet feed techniques possible. TEMPO FEEDER uses the drinking water to: • Present wet feed • Force a waiting distributions. The pig cannot therefore obtain several portions of feed in a row. This is done without any electronics on the feeder. • Sequencing feed. A centralised control box per pig house is used to cut-off the water at selected times and thus cut-off feed until the next period. TEMPO FEEDER, how does it work? Tempo Feeder is a feeding station from which the pig itself obtains small doses of feed and water to make a sort of porridge. The frequency and quantities are controlled by implementing 2 timings using very simple and reliable methods.

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TEMPO FEEDER 1: In each pig house a central clock is used to programme feeding sequences and waiting sequences. At the start of each hour, the feeding sequence can be set from 5 to 45 minutes, before a cut-off until the beginning of the following hour. The feeding sequencing makes it possible to: • adapt to the natural rhythm of the pigs (day/night-morning-noon-evening) • encourage them to eat more at the beginning of each sequence • keep the troughs clean between 2 sequences 2: During the feeding sequence, the the mechanical tipping of a water reservoir imposes adjustable intervals of from...

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