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The 500 and 550 Lawnmower series p. Classic Lawnmower series p. Garden Pro Lawnmower series p. Idea Lawnmower series p. Mulching Lawnmower series p. Brushcutters p. Chainsaws p. Hedge trimmers p. Verticutting p. Turbo p. Minitransporters p.

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A lush environment is our greatest resource. Green areas are resources that require care and attention in every detail. So it is important to come up with innovative ideas and cutting-edge, sophisticated technologies to make landscape machines even easier to use. That is the spirit of Ibea, a company motivated by garden enthusiasts with a passion for making care a thoroughly enjoyable experience. All this with a careful eye on the quality of our products, designed and engineered by IBEA, a leading Italian company with over 50 years of experience. A company keen on tradition, yet ever keen...

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A machine dedicated to true lawn enthusiasts, where attractive design and technical excellence come out on top. This range offers the best solutions to get the job done with very little effort, whatever the grass conditions. Comfortable, agile, and easy to use thanks to ergonomic and intuitive controls, these machines ensure outstanding cutting and collecting quality, whether they are set up to mow and collect or to mulch. The 500 and 550 Lawnmower series No effort, great results. Ergonomic and infinitely adjustable handlebar. Cast aluminium deck.

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Products Catalog - 6

500 and 550 Series High-quality cutting in all working conditions. Every feature has been designed to offer utmost effi ciency: be it the rounded deck, intelligently wider that the wheel profi le for fl ush cuts along walls, or the class leading blade, heavier and stronger than the competition. Dealing with tough, unruly turf will pose no issues. The wheel footprint is within the width of the deck for a flush finish. Variomat transmission The elaborate blade is a full 4mm thick. Tilted blade tips enhance mulch

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Products Catalog - 7

500 e 550 Series 3 in 1: cutting systems made to measure. As well as the traditional cutting and collection system, machines are designed for perfect mulching. Switching between configurations is as easy as inserting the specifically designed mulching plug. There are no performance compromises and no need to change or add blades. It couldn’t be easier. For those who wish neither to mulch or collect an optional deflector makes it possible to discharge clippings directly on the lawn. Mulching: the future of cutting is today. The secret of IBEA’s mulching system lies in the perfect synergy...

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Products Catalog - 8

500 and 550 Series Grass collection: room aplenty. Even in critical situations (long, soggy grass) collecting clippings poses no problems thanks to the blade deck design and the efficient cutting chamber. The particular shape of the blade blends perfectly with the roundness of the chassis and ensures fi ne shredding even whilst collecting. A wide discharge chute prevents clogging and the capacity of the collector is fully exploited. True to its pedigree, once the collector is full, the mower auatomatically reverts to mulching, at times giving the illusion that the collector has limitless...

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Products Catalog - 9

Aluminium decks are very firm and hardwearing but also light enough to ensure easy handling even on rough, uneven surfaces. As well as being rust-free, aluminium is the ideal material for a faultless and even quality of cut. Being a high pressure casting, precision designs are possible allowing engineers to cater for airflow optimization resulting in superior mowing, collecting and mulching. Displacement (cc) Engine Brand Engine Model Starter Transmission Speed(km/h) Safety device Deck Cutting width (cm) Mulching Cutting height (cm) Basket capacity (l) Weight (kg) Product Certifi...

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Great collection capacity

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Products Catalog - 11

Reliable and proven model. Designed to cover a wide range of areas. Countless devices and technical and ergonomic solutions that make this functional machine lightweight to move and hospitalize when work is completed. The Classic Lawnmower series Will accept all challenges. Classic Lawnmower series

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Products Catalog - 12

Classic Series A large collection capacity. Also in the collection capacity, top performance thanks to the large basket: more grass collected, emptied less necessary. A great saving of time, a lot less work. The basket’s extraction is carried out in one confortable movement passing between the handlebars. Possibility of choice between traditional cut with collection or direct discharge to ground. Motore Briggs & Stratton. The innovative and powerful Briggs & Stratton OHV engine is compact, lightweight, powerful and reliable and easy to start thanks to the READYSTART ignition system. This...

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Products Catalog - 13

Briggs & Stratton professional engine: powerful, reliable and easy to start thanks to the READYSTART ignition system. Lightweight aluminum deck, anti-q rust and very hard to promote the quality of cut. Engine Displacement (cc) Engine Brand Engine Model Starter Transmission Speed(km/h) Safety device Deck Cutting width (cm) Mulching Cutting height (cm) Basket capacity (l) Weight (kg) Product Certifi cation Lawn Size (m2) 5326BM 4-stroke _175_ _Briggs & Stratton_ 800 series OHV _Pull start_ Single speed - Aluminium gearbox _3,5_ Engine brake Aluminium _53_ _No_ Independent on all 4-wheels....

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Products Catalog - 14

Side reinforcements

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Products Catalog - 15

A mighty tool when it comes to both cutting and collecting, Garden Pro is the mower designed to deliver top performance and dedicated to the most demanding customers. Meticulously finished in every detail, this series was built for professional use, always providing efficient, dynamic results at a remarkably easy pace. Garden Pro Series Lawnmowers For demanding professionals. Aluminum wheels on double-shielded bearings. Front bumper. Garden Pro Lawnmowers serie

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Products Catalog - 16

Garden Pro Series The reliability of a reinforced collector. The Garden Pro’s grass catcher is large, resulting in less frequent stops, and is also very easy to attach and remove. It features a top handle for better grip and easier to handling. In addition the areas most subject to wear have been reinforced, ensuring longer life. Reinforced catcher. A powerful Honda engine. Honda overhead valve engine with cast iron sleeve: an advanced engine with exceptional power and durability, even under more severe and prolonged stress. It is fitted with an automatic lubrication system and spin-on oil...

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