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Rotator shaft and flanged versions Indexator

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6 | ROTATORS FOR FORESTRY, GENERAL CARGO, MATERIAL HANDLING, TRANSPORT, AGRICULTURE No.1 among the world’s rotators Today, Indexator’s GV/AV and G/H rotators are standard on the majority of the world’s forestry machines, but not only there. These rotators are also used on cargo truck cranes and cranes for general cargo and material handling as well as recycling. Quality for the best total economy WIDE RANGE OF MODELS | Indexator’s rotator range includes a great number of size classes and models adapted to different usage areas, different interfaces at the top/at the bottom and different systems solutions for hydraulics. BUILT FOR TOUGH WORK | Machines, cranes, harvester heads and grapples increasingly perform better – power increases. That is why we build and develop rotators that can handle tough material stress and heavy strain on all vital parts. VANE MOTORS | The rotators are based on the proven vane motor principle. Indexator’s vane motors deliver high torque, are robust and reliable. HYDRAULICALLY BALANCED | Properly-weighted pressure and flow provide even rotation and stable functions in general – you have full control of your work. No internal hydraulic loads that negatively impact functions and lifetime. GV/AV ROTATORS 3-ton lifting capacity. For lighter forestry and agricultural machines and general cargo handling. Light and compact. High torque. Several alternative designs. 10-ton lifting capacity. For professional forestry and material handling. Robust and durable. Alternative designs for different types of routing. Lower links in different designs for full tree- or cut to length handling. 10-ton lifting capacity. For tools that need extra hydraulic function. Robust, well proven design. High-grade material selection. Low pressure drop. RIGHT CHOICE OF MATERIALS | Carefully tested materials and components ensure good characteristics and sustainability over time. QUALITY ASSURED | Every rotator is tested individually before delivery. All functions are inspected and ensured. HIGH LEVEL OF CLEANLINESS | Included parts are washed in different steps during assembly and final testing. EASY TO MAINTAIN | Simple to change seals and other parts that can wear out. You save time and money. GLOBAL SERVICE | Efficient spare part provision and a comprehensive network of service providers mean you can rest easy in exposed situations. BEST TOTAL ECONOMY | Indexator’s rotators contribute to a high level of productivity and good profitability – regardless of the type of machine, crane, harvester head or grapple. 4-ton lifting capacity. For lighter forestry and agricultural machines and general cargo handling. Alternative designs for different swing dampers and link solutions. 10-ton lifting capacity. Built for tough applications. Very low weight in relation to performance. Alternative designs for forwarders and harvesters. 6-ton lifting capacity. For lighter types of material handling. Light and compact with high level of performance. Choose between attachment with a lower link or shaft mounting. 16-ton lifting capacity. Built for heavy tools and hard work. Robust and powerful construction. High torque. Flexible with alternative interfaces for swing dam

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G 101 H 101 ♦ 6-ton lifting capacity. ♦ Mid sized rotator optimized for thinning. ♦ Durable and service-friendly. ♦ Powerful upper attachment adapted to MPB swing dampers. ♦ Low weight. H 121 H 122 ♦ 10-ton lifting capacity. ♦ For mid-size single-grip harvesters. ♦ With an MPB swing damper, provides high productivity and efficiency. ♦ Durable and service-friendly. "it’s trouble-free. The rotator and brake do their jobs perfectly and you don’t have to think about a thing. It just works." Hans-Erik Norell,

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