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Infaco INFACO’s solid experience is based on the invention by its founder, Daniel Delmas, of the world's first electric pruning shears in 1984. It was awarded the Palme d'Or for innovation at the SITEVI 1985 trade show as soon as it was released. For 40 years now, the company has been constantly innovating to win the loyalty of its wine-growing, olive-growing, arboriculture and green space sector customers. INFACO has always been a forerunner in its field of expertise: professional power tools. Currently, INFACO is an international business selling its tools in over fortyfive countries all...

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cordes montauban toulouse toulouse cahuzac-sur-vère albi

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F3020 : The electric pruner for sheep and goat trimming INFACO’s pruners have been recognized for 40 years: power, speed, reliability, and ergonomics. After 9 generations, the F3020 is the worthy successor to all the brand’s electric pruner models that have contributed to its success. Even more efficient than its predecessors, it offers a higher cutting speed and improved working comfort. Lighter, more powerful, more compact, and more maneuverable, the F3020 adapts to all pruning professions. First developed on the F3010, the hoof kit is now available for the F3020! Designed for safe hoof...

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Its strengths:    High performance and   Maneuverability    Fast and powerful   Steering flexibility    Compact and lightweight    Versatile and adaptable    Technological and connecte

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CARRYING AND BATTERY A new straight cable system intelligently running through the carrying vest to the shoulder enhances the feeling of lightness. Carrying the battery can be done in four different ways: • In «classic» mode on the vest with straps • On the belt (without removable straps) • Via the trousers belt clip • Directly in the pocket The battery of the F3020 pruner operates with Lithium-Ion technology and weighs only 698 grams. Its sleek design and compact size allow for a full day of trimming without recharging. The intelligent automatic charger provides a fast 2-hour charge to...

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2 operating modes SOFT mode A new feature of the F3020 is its ability to operate with a gradually advancing blade at a slightly reduced speed. This mode is particularly suitable for achieving precision while limiting speed. Occasional trimmers or those in the learning process of the trade will adopt this mode to reduce blade movement acceleration. STANDARD mode With its progressively advancing blade at full speed, it is suitable for experienced trimmers accustomed to using professional electric tools. With it, they will take full advantage of the F3020’s capabilities: more powerful, more...

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All device specifications are provided for reference and are not contractual; they are subject to change.

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OTHER F3020 OPTIONS When used with the standard, medium, or maxi kits, the F3020 offers numerous options, including: • Enhanced safety with the Additional Electronic Safety Device (DSES). • Electronic adjustments for half opening and blade cross-alignment. • A patented pruner holder (for the standard and medium kits). • Connectivity via an optional Bluetooth® module. The specialized hoof trimming tool is marketed in the form of a kit called the «hoof kit.» The F3020 is supplied with a choice of the standard or medium kit, depending on your preference. Each kit is designed for a specific...

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French manufacture label “Guaranteed French Origin”. The “Guaranteed French Origin” label mainly allows the company to proudly display its commitments to local players and thereby guarantee consumers a high quality product that is in line with highly appreciated French know-how. Such a label is the guarantee of quality that provides full traceability from the selection of parts that must mainly be produced in France, to the product design and final production. 100% of INFACO pruning shears are manufactured in in Cahuzac sur Vère, in the Tarn area of France. Producing quality tools and...

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INFACO SERVICES After sales and support All INFACO employees want to guarantee users excellent after sales service. A team of specialized technicians looks after the machines returned to the factory all year round. A “Customer Support” unit which is part of the sales department, can be contacted directly at INFACO. Also available all year round, it answers questions by phone. Annual servicing During the off-season, INFACO proposes annual servicing which applies precise maintenance and upgrade procedures for shears and tying machines. Thus, tens of thousands of servicing operations are...

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Our dealer network Thanks to an efficient network of distributors in France and abroad, the brand guarantees an excellent level of after-sales service to its users worldwide. The entire distribution network benefits from ongoing training by INFACO’s team of technical sales representatives, to guarantee effective local technical support. INFACO has always worked in close cooperation with its authorized distribution network. We firmly believe that our dealers play an important part in customer satisfaction. Always available for advice on sales, product installation, use and technical support:...

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INFACO S.A.S. 35 Bois de Roziès – BP2 81140 Cahuzac sur Vère – France Phone: +33 (0)5 63 33 91 49 Email:

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