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powercoup pw3 multi-function tool

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Infaco After having invented the ELECTROCOUP, the first electric shears, in 1984, and after having designed, manufactured and sold over 300,000 electric shears, INFACO currently has a solid reputation in the battery-powered hand-held electric tool sector. It was therefore natural that INFACO, the World Leader for this tool, decided to develop a line of battery-powered tools for the professional Park & Garden, Arboriculture, Wine growing and Oil growing sectors. Using the same principle as the ELECTROCOUP shears, the motorised grip operates using an interchangeable head concept. Therefore,...

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access map Direction CORDES Bois de Roziès cahuzac-sur-vère D.922 Direction MONTAUBAN Direction TOULOUSE A.68 cordes montauban Direction ALBI cahuzac-sur-vère albi toulouse toulouse

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Compact, easy to handle and lightweight, the POWERCOUP PW3 provides optimum work comfort. Several different tools can be fitted to it using a rapid head fixing system. Both silent and ecological, it makes it possible to carry out different types of maintenance in residential areas, on camp sites or in any other area where sound pollution is to be excluded. The Brushless technology motor speed automatically adapts to the connected tool using electronic recognition. This system is used to adjust the motor performance and thereby define the best power/speed/torque for the tool being used. All...

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CHAIN SAW powercoup pw3 Its light weight and its compact size make it easy to use. The tool is very easy to handle and guarantees fast cuts, one of its strengths. The arborist’s chainsaw head, suitable for tree surgeons, can be used to cut diameters of up to 150 mm. It can also be used to prune grapevines as well as to restructure orchards. Lightweight and easy to handle Stop safety lever Built-in lubrication pump Automatic chain tension 1/4 chain for quality cutting Adaptable onto poles Chain pitch Guide

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Safety lever A chain has been selected that is specifically adapted to the PW3 grip performances. A ¼ inch chain pitch and a 0.043” (1.1 mm) depth gauge results in very clean cuts while limiting rebound effects. chain guide The emergency safety lever located in front of the carry grip makes it possible to stop the device at all times by simply flipping it forward. It can be removed for use on the pole versions. In order to prevent handheld use of the machine without the safety lever, automatic lever presence detection is available. Chain lubrication A built-in, self-regulating lubrication...

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POWERCOUP PW3 SAW The up to 100 mm diameter cut quality is exceptional (cuts identical to ELECTROCOUP shears). It thereby makes it possible to reduce the risk of wood disease when restructuring trees, as well as the number of shoots. Its ease of use and the absence of rebound risks makes the user’s work more comfortable. Lightweight and easy to handle Blade changes without tools High strength blade teeth Very high quality cut Adaptable onto poles Hand-held

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versatility Switch from a hand saw to a pole saw with a simple click thanks to the line of available fixed and telescopic poles. The POWERCOUP PW3 saw cut quality is as clean as with Electrocoup shears. It prevents the growth or spread of wood disease and reduces the number of shoots. precision work It is easy to slide the blade between two branches without risking damage to the upper branch. This saw head is ideal for precision work requiring the best cut quality.

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powercoup pw3 HEDGE TRIMMER The hedge-trimmer heads can be used to maintain all types of hedge. Very easy to use, easy to handle, silent and vibration-free, the “INFACO high performance blades” guarantee true professional work. Different lengths are available for the double version. This tool is very pleasant to use both for man-height work and for work at several metres from the ground. Lightweight and easy to handle Directional head Adaptable onto poles Double sided 60 cm blade Weight Double sided 70 cm blade Right hand/left hand grip

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anti-rebound stop double sided blade An anti-rebound stop is available for double sided blades. This system protects the tips of the blades from impacts on the ground and/or walls.

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BATTERY COMPATIBILITY POLE OPTION All the POWERCOUP PW3 line tools are compatible with the ELECTROCOUP NiMh (F3005-F3010) and lithium (F3015 and L850B) batteries. Tool autonomy (depending on use): F3010 battery 1,200 3 cm cuts 600 5 cm cuts 200 8 cm cuts 1,000 3 cm cuts 500 5 cm cuts 150 8 cm cuts 7,000 3 cm cuts 3,500 5 cm cuts 1,200 8 cm cuts Olive harvester Blossom thinner The POWERCOUP PW3 grip can also be used with or without a pole extension for work at a height. Either fixed or telescopic, the tool is fully adaptable to your different tasks thanks to these pole lengths: Hedge trimmer...

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POWERCOUP pw3 DESUCKERING TOOL The grapevine desuckering head is an innovating alternative to the current desuckering solutions available on the market. Like all mechanical desuckering solutions, it eliminates the use of chemicals. The POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool brings flexibility, ease of use, quality and precision desuckering. Indeed, this hand-held power tool sets itself apart from the heavy hydraulic equipment that is very often expensive, complicated to use and requires experienced operators. Usable by all without any specific training, the POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool...

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comfort of use Of a length adjustable from 1.2 to 1.6 m, the POWERCOUP PW3 desuckering tool makes it possible to avoid bending down throughout the day (over 4000 times per day) and therefore to have a very comfortable working position. desuckering quality Electric desuckering is more selective than traditional methods. It reduces the number of regrowing shoots compared to chemical solutions, and increases yield by at least 30% compared to manual operations. Two types of flyweight (patented system) are available: in steel for the tougher shoots and rubberised for the younger grapevines. 15

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