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tying machine let's create NEW bonds

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INFACO's solid experience is based on the invention by its founder, Daniel Delmas, of the world's first electric pruning shears in 1984. It was awarded the Palme d'Or for innovation at the SITEVI 1985 trade show as soon as it was released. For 40 years now, the company has been constantly innovating to win the loyalty of its wine-growing, olive-growing, arboriculture and green space sector customers. INFACO has always been a forerunner in its field of expertise: professional power tools. Currently, INFACO is an international business selling its tools in over forty-five countries all over...

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cordes montauban toulouse toulouse cahuzac-sur-vère albi

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AT1000: THE NEW TYING MACHINE FROM INFACO All-terrain versatility INFACO presents the AT1000, the fast, reliable automatic tying machine for easy tying. Versatile, it can be used for several types of vineyard tie systems: single or double Guyot, Arcure, Chablis or trellis. Its wide opening is suitable for all environments, particularly fruit growing (raspberry or kiwi, for example). New grip INFACO worked for several years to design a high-performance tying machine in the tradition of its pruning shears. The grip is new and identical to that of the F3020. It is a true combo from pruning to...

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INFACO PATENT Ergonomic grip display screen Removable battery

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O Wide opening W O Quick and easy commissioning W O Easy to use and maintain O Quick and easy reel replacement O High-capacity reel O Removable / interchangeable battery

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QUICK AND EASY COMMISSIONING The tying machine is quick and easy to set up. After placing the reel in the dispenser, just feed the wire into the machine and pull the trigger to prime it. It's ready to use! Simplified reel changes A single reel can contain at least 3,000 ties. Take an extra reel with you wherever you go in the belt pouch. 30 seconds is all it takes to place the new reel in the dispenser, then just re-prime the machine.

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Settings Twists Knot strength is defined by the number of twists. It must be adapted to the environment: • • • weather conditions wood types pruning technique With the AT1000, you can now choose your twists on a scale of 1 to 4. The settings are available directly on the machine's display screen. Press the "settings" button to obtain the required level between 2 and 7 twis

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The reel The AT1000's wire feed technology allows the use of a static reel with simple dispensing from the inside. Work comfortably all day without the jolts caused by the unwinding wire. The wire INFACO proposes a paper-covered steel wire for the AT1000 tying machine: It is a steel wire wrapped in fully degradable paper. Environmentally-friendly, the paper protects the tied branch, preventing the wood from shearing. INFACO markets a range of reels produced in France in 4 wire sizes, see “Technical specifications”. Each one is adapted to a specific type of tying technique or climate

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Innovating technology The AT1000 stands out in the tying machine market due to a number of innovations. The wire is automatically fed by the machine using an innovating synchronized drive roller system we have called "Dual Motion". There is no need to accompany the wire as it unwinds from the reel. It is this technology, in particular, that helps limit unwanted jams. 1 ) The wire is pushed by the rollers 2) The moving grip pulls the wire into the opening The opening remains static A unique knotting principle A moving grip takes the wire and pulls it towards the opening. A rotating part...

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high-capacity reel Tie for rightor left-handed wire dispenser configurations Bag to hold a second reel, the pliers and oil can

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One reel can tie at least 3,000 ties, thanks to its 400 meters of wire. And yet, the size is small! Placed in its dispenser, on the carrying belt, it becomes almost imperceptible. The belt pouch is used to carry a second reel. Movable tying machine hook: keeps hands free Semi-rigid dispenser

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Removable and interchangeable battery The AT1000 is marketed with a 10.8 V battery, with an autonomy of around 8000 ties. The battery clips onto and unclips from the machine. It can be replaced by a second battery (optional) for intensive tying sessions in excess of 8,000 ties per day. Battery charging The charger has a LED that indicates the battery charge level. Full charging time is just 3 hours. Twist level and battery charge display

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THE TECHNICAL At the cutting edge of technology, and the result of years of research and development, the AT1000 is easy to use and routinely maintain. Easy opening If an intervention is required, the top cover opens at the press of a finger for easy access to the wire. "Single block" module The AT1000 is composed of a "single-block" module, avoiding the loss of spare parts during use and maintenance. Simplified servicing work If a jam occurs, the machine's internal mechanism makes it possible to simply release the pinch roller, allowing the tying machine to be restarted.

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Technical specifications AT1000 tying machine Max. power Power supply Cycle speed Weight (excluding battery) AT185BC battery Rated voltage Wire reels References (sold in boxes of 20 reels) Wire diameter All machine specifications are given for informational purposes, they are never contractually binding and may

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From pruning to tying: THE NEW BENCHMARK COMBO INFACO pruning shears’ reputation has been firmly established for almost 40 years: power, speed, reliability and ergonomics. After 9 generations, the F3020 is the worthy successor to all the brand's electric pruning shears that contributed to its success. Once again, INFACO has relied on innovation to develop the AT1000, thus proposing a quality "from pruning to tying” combination. The new tying machine uses some of the F3020 features: • similar ergonomic grip • balanced weight • performance and reliability • INFACO patent and design Take our...

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Made in France The company is committed to working with local players, and guarantees consumers a quality product that is in line with recognized French know-how. 100% of INFACO tying machines are made in Cahuzac sur Vère, in the Tarn region of France. Quality and reliability have been core INFACO values since its creation in 1984. From design, through production, to marketing, and then our after-sales department, the company wants to give users excellent products and services that fulfill our strong human values.

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