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General product view 5 Adjustable blade opening / blade overlap setting 18 DSES WIRELESS safety system 20 Warranty declaration outside France 38 Summary of the F3020 pruning shear features 42

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Precautions before use WARNING. Read all the safety warnings and all the instructions. Failing to heed warnings and follow instructions may lead to an electric shock, a fire and/ or serious injury. Keep all warnings and instructions for future reference. In the warnings, the term “tool” refers to your battery powered electric tool (with power cord). Protection of the environment Observe all country-specific waste disposal rules and regulations. > Power tools must not be disposed of with household refuse. > The device, accessories and packaging must be taken to a recycling centre. > Ask the...

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General product view F3020 Pruning shears Adjustable blade opening switch ON/OFF Button Pruning shear power supply socket SETTINGS button DSES LED Status (safety system active or inactive status) SOFT mode status LED (Soft mode active or inactive status) Battery charge bar graph level LED Battery socket Charger 941C

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 6

Specifications F3020 Standard pruning shears F3020 Medium pruning shears F3020 Maxi pruning shears Power supply Compatible with 36 V and 48 V batteries Cutting capacity Blade speed L100B battery Rated voltage These specifications are given as an indication only. Under no circumstances may they be considered as contractually binding.They are subject to modification without prior notice in the interests of product development. Patented equipment. User guide First use The first time you use the equipment, we strongly recommend you to ask the advice of your dealer, who is qualified to give you...

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 7

Battery Before using the equipment for the first time and/or following wintering, fully charge the battery (see charging procedure on page 14). The L100B Lithium battery MUST be recharged using the INFACO Lithium charger (Ref.: 941C). Using a different charger is prohibited as it may cause to a serious electrical accident (explosion and/or fire).. Compatible batteries • The table below lists the batteries that are compatible with the F3020 pruning shears. However, the use of these batteries (other than the L100B) may reduce device performances (see table below). Using the L100B 36 V battery...

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 8

Carrying the equipment There are several possible carrying methods: 1. With full equipment • Fit the battery onto the batteryholder belt with the socket at the top. To do that, slip the two straps through the back battery clips. Clip the straps to the belt, slide the power cord through the provided cable passages. R emove the battery, the batteryholder belt, the straps, the holster, the arm-band and the power cord from the case. Armbands can be used to fix the cable using the hook and loop quick fastening. In that way, the cable will run along the arm and will not hinder work. Don the vest...

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 9

2. arrying with the belt and the armband C • It is possible to only use the belt and armband without the straps. In that case, the armband is strongly recommended for better work comfort. The battery must then be fixed with the cable outlet horizontal either on the right or on the left. 3. Carrying the battery without the belt and straps • The battery can simply be worn on a trouser belt. In that case, the armband is strongly recommended for better work comfort. The battery socket should be facing down in that case. In heavy rain, it is preferable to carry the battery under waterproof...

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 10

Powering on Always keep your hands away from the cutting head when the device is powered on. 1. First connect the cord to the battery and then to the pruning shears taking care to use the socket fail safe. 2. Press the pruning shears ON/OFF button until the LEDs light. All the LEDs light for 1 second to test that they are in working order. The pruning shears are ready for initialisation. 3. Initialisation phase: Press the trigger twice. The status LED flashes green quickly and the blade opens if not already open. 4. Once the blade is open, press the trigger until the blade is fully closed,...

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 11

Precautions for use and safety Before starting the working day, make sure the battery is fully charged (3 LEDs lit on the pruning shears). Always disconnect the pruning shears from the power cord during handling other than pruning and ALWAYS WHEN SHARPENING, EDGING OR LUBRICATING THEM. Check that the blade is correctly tightened every morning (see page 31). Do not leave the pruning shears and/or the battery on the ground, and do not expose them to bad weather conditions. Make sure the battery’s protective plastic casing is not cracked and does not seem to have suffered impacts or other...

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ELECTROCOUP F3020 User guide - 12

NORMAL or SOFT mode There is a choice of two operating modes: • "NORMAL” mode: the pruning shears operate at maximum speed for optimum blade closing time. "SOFT” mode: provides a softer blade control feel. The cutting speed is reduced by about 15%. This mode is strongly recommended when learning to prune. 1. To switch from one mode to the other, quickly operate the half-opening switch 6 times (3 on and 3 off), the SOFT LED will light or go out depending on the initial state. 2. Press the trigger to check the mode change. Battery charge level The battery charge level is indicated by the 3...

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Activation of the "closed blade" standby mode The device has a standby mode making it possible to store your pruning shears quickly and safely in the provided pruning shear holder. 1. Press the trigger on the pruning shears while keeping the blade closed. 2. Operate the adjustable blade opening switch twice (= 1 on and off), without releasing the trigger. 3. The device standby mode is activated when the 3 charge level indicators scroll. trigger closed 4. Then release the trigger, the unit is in the "blade closed" standby mode. 5. In standby mode, the status LED flashes green. To restart...

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