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General product view 5 Twist level adjustment 16 Warranty declaration outside France 28

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Precautions before use IMPORTANT. Read all the safety warnings and all the instructions. Failing to heed warnings and follow instructions may lead to an electric shock, a fire and/or serious injury. Keep all warnings and instructions for future reference. In the warnings, the term “tool” refers to your battery powered electric tool (with power cord). Protection of the environment Observe all country-specific waste disposal rules and regulations. > Power tools must not be disposed of with household refuse. > The device, accessories and packaging must be taken to a recycling centre. > Ask the...

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General product view Tying machine Beak Twine input HMI (Human Machine Interface) Charge indicator Twist level indicator Settings button Charger Charge indicator To wall outlet To the battery

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Specifications AT1000 Tying machine Max. Electric Power supply Cycle speed AT185BC battery Rated voltage Tie reels References (sold in boxes of 20 reels) Wire diameter These specifications are given as an indication only. Under no circumstances may they be considered as contractually binding.They are subject to modification without prior notice in the interests of product development. Patent

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page 12) before the first use of the machine. MUST be recharged using the INFACO Lithium charger as it may cause a serious electrical accident (explosion USER GUIDE First use The first time you use the equipment, we recommend you ask the help of your dealer, who is qualified to give you all the advice you need for correct use and good output. It is imperative to carefully read the tool and accessory user manuals before handling or powering up the tool. Battery A full charge must be carried out (see The AT185BC Lithium battery (Ref.: AT180CC). Using a different charger is prohibited and/or...

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Powering on Always keep your hands away from the work zone when the machine is powered on. 1. Connect the battery to the machine, the unit is powered on in standby mode. 2. Press the trigger twice to exit standby mode. 3. The product is ready for use. There is no on/off button on the machine, disconnect the battery to power it off. It has an automatic standby mode after 3 minutes of non-use (power LED flashing green). Precautions for use and safety For a full day’s use, make sure the battery is fully charged (3 LEDs lit on the product). Always disconnect the battery from the product for any...

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Use Loading the reel 1. Open the dispenser zipper. 2. Take the twine from the inside of the reel and insert it into the dispenser. Do not remove the label holding the reel. 3. Insert the twine into the dispenser’s output nozzle. 4. Close the dispenser zipper. Reel replacement 1. Remove label from empty reel and check that there is no residue inside the reel. 2. Check that there is no residue inside the machine (see details in the "Maintenance" section page 18). 3. Repeat the same operations as when loading a reel. Loading the twine Pass the twine through the opening until it stops, then...

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Take the end of the rod and the trellis wire firmly in your free hand and bring the AT1000 close. Insert the rod + the trellis wire inside the beak. Pull the trigger to create the tie. Remove the rod + the trellis wire from the beak. The tie holds the rod to the trellis wire.

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Battery charge level The battery charge level is indicated by the three LEDs on the product’s charge indicator. Charge indicator Battery low state: When the last LED flashes green, the battery charge is less than 10%. Battery flat state: When the battery is completely flat, the product stops. The last LED switches to fast flashing red. The battery must be recharged (see page 12). Automatic standby switching The electronics have an automatic standby mode after 3 minutes of non-use (power LED flashing green). Exiting standby mode To restart the machine, pull the trigger twice. Automatic...

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Battery charging The battery autonomy allows for up to 8000 ties. If you plan more ties than that per day we advise recharging the battery for at least 1 hour during your lunch break. For additional battery autonomy, consider purchasing a second battery. Note: A few minutes before your battery is completely flat, the AT1000 may experience a slight loss of performance. Using the charger To charge the battery, plug in the charger in a well ventilated area which is free from flammable products, sources of ignition and moisture. The ideal ambient temperature should be between 10°C / 50°F and...

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Charging the battery It is strictly forbidden to charge the batteries when the temperature in the room is below 0°C / 35°F or higher than 40°C / 104°F. During charging, neither the battery nor the charger should be covered, nor should they be close to a heat source or to flammable products. The time to fully charge an AT185B battery is approximately 3h. Connect the battery to the charger's output cable. When the battery is connected, the charger detects it and starts charging. The status LED switches to steady yellow. Battery 80% charged: the status LED switches to flashing yellow. Battery...

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Battery storage instructions Store the battery and charger in a well ventilated area, free from freezing temperatures, flammable products, and ignition or heat sources, and keep out of the reach of children. Inter-season storage: the battery must be stored after a full charge. Do not store empty batteries. Even when not in use, the battery charge level decreases. If the battery reaches a highly discharged status, it will no longer charge and will be considered out of service. Do not store out of service batteries. Return them to an approved INFACO dealer. Do not store batteries when they...

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Battery not connected indication: The charger is connected to the mains power outlet: the status LED flashes green, the charger is ready for a battery. To attempt to wake up deeply discharged batteries, the charger will apply short pulses. Error indication: Contact the nearest dealer in the following cases: • LED off ( ): the battery voltage is too high. Check the battery voltage; • 2 flashes (• • ): the battery is connected to the charger with an incorrect polarity; 3 flashes (•••): the charger output is short-circuited. Check the output cable connection; 4 flashes (• • • • ): the battery...

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