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ln 1984, INFACO S.A. founded by our President Daniel Delmas, invented the world’s first electric pruning shear and called it ELECTROCOUP. ln 1985, at the SITEVI International Exhibition in Montpellier, Daniel Delmas won the Golden Palm Award for Best lnnovation for his invention. INFACO sold its first 500 ELECTROCOUP shears during the three-day viticultural trade show. Direction To CORDES CORDES Ever since, the ELECTROCOUP has revolutioned pruning practices in the viticulture industry around the world and has become a house hold name in the horticulture industry. «Customers Satisfaction» has...

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MANUFACTURER OF PORTABLE ELECTRIC TOOLS FOR OVER 30 YEARS F3015: THE 8TH GENERATION OF ELECTROCOUP PRUNING SHEARS Research & Development INFACO has a very motivated, high-achieving design and research department setup at its headquarters. In September 2005 an exclusive state of the art research & development facility was built. Established in September 2005, an exclusive premises was built, equipped with state of the art research and development facilities. In-house industrial designers, quality controllers and engineers strive to sustain the recognized strengths of the company and focus on...

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F3015: CONTINUALLY STRIVING TOWARDS PERFECTION The ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruning shears will once again set new bench marks in the industry. A tool designed for pruning professionals, the F3015 has evolved from its predecessors to be a more reliable and high-quality tool, preferred by users throughout the world. High quality materials have been selected with the utmost care in developing this new model. Extended Research & Development has helped achieve a light and compact body on the new generation of tools. The new tools have been designed to run on a new «Brushless Motor» technology...

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Ergonomic Design Performances: Exceptional Power and Efficiency Soft and Comfortable Grip High Cutting Capacity: Very Accurate Progressiveness • 40mm Standard Kit • 45mm Medium Kit • 55mm Maxi Kit Rotating Half-Aperture Switch One-Piece Rack Blade Brushless Motor ON / OFF Indicator Light In-Built Battery Life Indicator on Hand Piece (3 LED’s - 4 levels) Electronic Half-Aperture Adjustment Electronic Blade Bypass Adjustment Choose easily from one of 10 preset positions to set your ideal half aperture setting. Optimize the service life of your blades with the help of the new electronic...

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ULTRA-COMPACT LITHIUM ION BATTERY F3015 BATTERY VEST CHOOSE HOW YOU CARRY THE BATTERY Four battery carrier options. The Lithium-ion Cobalt battery weighs only 810g. The storage cells of the battery have been choosen for their reliability and capacity to deliver intense current. The vest coupled with the lightness of the battery provides comfort and flexibility. The new F3015 battery can be carried in 4 different ways: 120Wh LITHIUM Battery Weight: 810g Full-day complete autonomy 9hrs* 1- On a vest, with braces 2- On a belt (without removable braces) 3- Clipped to the trouser belt 4- Slipped...

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intelligent AUTOMATIC CHARGER Rapid charging: 90 minutes The F3015 Lithium battery charger enables a 90% charge in 1hr. Complete charge is obtained within 90 minutes (inclusive of cell balancing). The F3015 battery is sufficient for a full day’s work. The charger is provided with two charge outlets (like the F3010). Specially designed to power energy-intensive tools such as the POWERCOUP PW2 saw, pruning shears, Hedge trimmer, desuckering tool, electronic vibrating olive harvester… techniCAL CHARACTERISTICS Standard F3015 Blade Point Speed (mm/s) Blade Axis Torque (N.m) Half-Aperture...

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F3015: MUCH MORE THAN ONE TOOL Like its predecessor, the electric pruning shears allows you to change the cutting head yourself, depending on the kind of work you want to do. The tool’s main asset is its versatility allowing the user to switch between the Standard, Medium and Maxi Kits. It only takes 5 mins to change the kits to suit various cutting applications. The only shears in the world with 3 interchangeable heads, adjustable half-aperture and DSES security system. F3015 is available from the factory in Standard or Medium versions. 3 Kits ON 1 tool F3015 medium Easily change the...

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ADDITIONAL ELectronic safety system For 25 years, INFACO has been a pioneer in electronic injury prevention systems and is the only manufacturer to offer two electronic safety devices. To offer safer solutions and always more innovative systems at reasonable costs, each year, INFACO devotes significant resources in Research and Development. WIRED SAFETY SYSTEM DSES OPTION The additional Electronic safety system, invented and patented by the company INFACO, is only compatible with the Electrocoup pruning shears. It is composed of a conductive glove connected to a specific DSES spiral cable....

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SOLUTIONS ADAPTED TO HIGH PRUNING WORK 48-volt ELECTRIC sharpner Like its predecessor, the F3015 with its multiple cutting heads can be adapted to be operated with carbon fibre extension poles in varying lengths. SHARPEN YOUR BLADES IN RECORD TIME The F3015 can be fitted with a range of fixed and telescopic extension poles ranging between a cutting reach of up to 5m above the ground. Thanks to its 3-pad connection, the new A48v3 electric sharpener, is now compatible with batteries of all ELECTROCOUP models F3005 – F3010 – F3015. F3015 sharpening. It allows you to save significant time on daily...

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A3Mv2 48V ELECTRICAL TYING MACHINE Powercoup PW2 THE 6 TOOLS IN 1 RANGE A new A3Mv2 48V tying machine is now available, in addition to the 12V machine. After inventing the 1st electric pruning shears in the world, more than 30 years ago, INFACO has now gained a reputation as an industry leader with its range of electric handheld tools. Once again this tool is compatible with all the Electrocoup batteries, including the new ultra-compact battery of the F3015. Along with the launch of the new F3015’s, INFACO is proud to simultaneously launch its new POWERCOUP multifunction tools range. The...

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