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Garden Starter Kit FAST EASY & FUN! 1 1. Fill individual QuickWick Pots with Q QuickWick Media. Place filled pots into white raft. T This special mixture provides rich balance for faster ge germination, strong root growth and better plants. 2 2. Add your favorite flower or vegetable seeds or cuttings to the pots. (Follow instructions on seed packets.) 3. Fill black water tray ½ full and float the filled filled raft in water tray. (Do not water quick wick pots from the top.) The wicking process will provide the perfect amount of water to germinate and root the seeds or cuttings. Cover with clear plastic dome with vents open and place in indirect sun for germination. Be sure to avoid excessive temperatures. Seeds should germinate according to time indicated on packet. 4. After germination or rooting remove the clear plastic dome. Allow time for plants to grow and strengthen with the dome off. When ready, transplant the entire Quick wick pot into your garden or container. There is no need to remove plant from the quick wick pot. Butter Lettuce INTERNATIONAL HORTICULTURE TECHNOLOGIES Hollister, CA

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