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There is no equal to the QPLUG - 1

The Q Plug is a stabilized rooting media that provides the optimum environment. A plant is no better than its roots. With our proprietary growing mixes, our technology, the uniqueness of our Agriphillic Soil Handling™, and our quality control, we will guarantee you the greatest amount of success in your rooting and establishment of crops. Carnations,Geraniums, Tissue Culture, Mini Cuttings, Chrysanthemums Ornamental Cuttings, Geraniums, Carnations Ornamental Cuttings, Bouganvillea General Ornamentals, Poinsettias, Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Bouganvillea Geraniums, Poinsettias, New Guinea Impatiens, Bouganvillea Foliage, Hydroponic, Roses, Pre-finished liners ideal for container or field transplanting. By using the Q Plug you may now pull and pack plants, which will reduce shipping and handling expenses. By using the pull and pack method you can now double the quantity of plants shipped in a box and get an accurate count and uniform grade at the same time. Actual size not shown, but to scale. All dimensions in inches, width x height. Plugs shown represent a partial list of sizes and shapes we offer. Please contact us for a list of all sizes available or for special size needs. With new, unique plugs for hydroponic use. International Horticultural Technologies,LLC PO Box 1035, Hollister, CA. 95024 • Tel. 831-637-1800 • Fax. 831

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There is no equal to the QPLUG - 2

Other IHORT QPlugs sizes available 43/95 Grapes, Fruit trees, Roses, Air layering Tropical foliage, Use in tubes or trays. The Q Plug: • Perfect plug for automation. • Superior lateral root development. • Provides optimum air/water ratios for proper root developments and growth. Pre-finished, Pinched, General Ornamentals, Hydroponics Pre-finished, Pinched, General Ornamentals, Used for larger liners, Hydroponics • Provides insulation and natural buffering for more uniform growth. • Is a flexible aerated plug that is designed for faster root development and plant establishment. • Is enhanced to...

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