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IRRILINE Hand Roll - 1

Hand Roll Irrigation System is similar to Side Roll Irrigation System, but no power unit. It can operate manually by single worker with double wheel fixed in the middle of the system. Hand Roll Pipe: All Pipes used are 4”x 6M extruded Aluminum Pipes. 3/4”Full circle brass sprinklers mounted on leveler with 12M interval on the system All wheels are made by hot deep galvanized, fixed on the system with 12M interval. Two wheels each fixed on both end of the system for better alignment. Irriline Hand Roll: Wheel’s heights can be 158Cm / 193Cm Sprinkler & crop clearance with 158Cm Wheels Sprinkler & crop clearance with 193Cm Whe

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IRRILINE Hand Roll - 2

IRRILINE HAND ROLL IRRIGATION SYSTEM Connection to Hydrant: Hand Roll Irrigation System connecting to Hydrant by 4" x 6M Flexible hose with 10 Bar Pressure and UV resistance. Length of the System: Hand Roll Irrigation System available from 72M to 192M long Covering Area: Irrigating area covered by a Hand Roll Irrigation System is depends on length of farm, soil and climate. Refer data table. IRRILINE Technologies Corp. 1300-1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2Z6, Canada. E-mail: Web: Member Member Irrigation Irrigation Industry Association...

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