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ZUZA-3 weeding Machine


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ZUZA-3 weeding Machine - 1

HYDRAULIC WEEDER MACHINE ZUZA 3 HYDRAULIC WEEDER ZUZA 3 ZUZA 3 machine is designed for mechanical weed control in crops growing in rows, at a spacing to allow passage of a tractor on a cultivated lane. The machine is perfect for “organic farming”, can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of herbicides in the orchard. This reduces the cost of maintenance and facilitates keeping these crops. ZUZA 3 is adapted for weeding rows of vegetable crops, flowers, lavender, lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus and such young currants, strawberries, young cannabis and other plants up to a height of 0.5 meter. The head specification: ➢ Heads cultivator has three pairs of spring claw (or/and vertical knives) that destroy weeds. The knives recommended to be used on stony and hard soil. ➢ There’s two sizes of head cultivator ( small 225 mm and big 300 mm) The device ZUZA 3 is produced in three versions: ➢ Single-row with the possibility of shifting the axle of the tractor to the right or to the left by approx. 20 cm ➢ Double rows with optional adjustment to the row spacing by adding hydraulic cylinders. ➢ Triple-rows with optional adjustment to the row spacing by adding h

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ZUZA-3 weeding Machine - 2

Triple-Rows is equipped with PTO Hydraulic Pump, oil cooler and oil tank (PTO 540 rpm) > Extra Option For Single & Double-rows Double- Rows Triple -Rows

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