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Jiffy Coco Disk JIFFY SOLUTIONS Are you looking for an airy, well-draining growing media to cultivate soft fruits? Then the Jiffy Coco Disk is the perfect solution for you. Jiffy Coco Disks are made of RHP certified coconut husk chips, an environmentally friendly and sustainable medium. The coco chips are washed and buffered to guarantee against high Na and K values and avoiding too high EC. The Jiffy Coco Disks are easy to handle, just add water, it will expand and is ready to use! J^ffy GROWING SOLUTIONS Jiffy Coco Disk An airy, well-draining growing media

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The perfect product for proper root development The new Jiffy Coco Disk is perfectly suited for the cultivation of soft fruits like raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. As these woody long canes need an airy, well-draining growing media, the coarse Husk Chips is the perfect product for proper root development. For the dryer (semi-arid) climate zones we offer a 5050-mix, containing 50% coir pith and 50% husk chips. For the temperate climate zones, we advise to use a 3070-mix with 30% coir pith and 70% husk chips. Multiple sizes We do offer 2 sizes matching the two main containers used for...

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