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Potting soil Florafleur Potting Soil Our retail range of Florafleur Potting soil consists of 4 types, each specially composed to fit the needs of different crops. Plants need nutrition, water and light to grow and thrive optimally. Florafleur potting soil is made of high-quality ingredients and has additions such as clay and fertilizers for optimum growth. The different types are available in three bag sizes ranging from 20 litres up to 70 litres. Universal Potting soil for House and Garden Plants Florafleur universal ‘A’ grade potting soil is produced from top quality materials, can be used for houseplants, terrace plants, bedding and garden plants. Available in 20-, 40- and 70-liter bags. Potting soil for Heather, Rhododendron and Azalea This Florafleur potting soil has b een specially formulated for plants such as rhododendrons, conifers, azaleas, skimmia, hortensia and heather, which thrive in acid soil. The low pH makes this pottingsoil the ideal substrate for plants that thrive in acid soil. Available in 40- and 70-liter bags. Potting soil for alcony B and Terrace Plants This Florafleur potting soil has been specially formulated as a substrate for geraniums, fuchsias and other summer flowers.The added clay promotesstronger, more beautiful plants. Available in 40- and 70-liter bags. Florafleur Topmix soil improver This Florafleur Topmix is an organic soil improver for planting shrubs, trees, garden plants, fruit and vegetables. Florafleur Topmix has a unique composition and a high content of organic matter which promotes the development of soil life and results in excellent root growth. This results in less plant losses and healthy plants. Available in 40-liter bags. For more information on Florafleur Potting soil please contact your area manager or use the contact options below JIFFY PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL BV

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