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MINI МОДУЛЬНАЯ КЛЕТКА ДЛЯ СОДЕРЖАНИЯ ТЕЛЯТ MAXI МОДУЛЬНАЯ КЛЕТКА ДЛЯ СОДЕРЖАНИЯ ТЕЛЯТ MINI MODULE UNIT FOR CALVES KEEPING BSТM - 2 MAXI MODULE UNIT FOR CALVES KEEPING BSТM Hinged attachments on the unit front wall: 1. Calf nurser Volume – 2.5 l. Designed for feeding with colostrum and further use after nipples replacement, for training the calf to dry food. 2. Feeder board Volume – 2.8 l. Designed for dry food and mineral fertilizers. 3. Calf nurser Volume - 7 l. Designed for calves milk feeding. 4. Bucket Volume - 6 l. Designed for calves water feeding. Unit assembly can be performed in 3 ways: 1 line One division wall Savings of up to 28%

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OAO "INVET" polymeric materials manufacturer - Boxes and all their elements have been manufactured on modem European equipment by rotational molding. Polyethylene used for the products manufacturing is characterised by high performance, resistance to cracking, excellent mechanical properties such as high strength and rigidity, not exposed to ultraviolet rays, corrosion, does not deteriorate in extreme weather conditions. - Boxes comply with the quality management system requirements STB ISO 9001-2009, confirmed by the Customs Union EAC certificate of conformity attached to the transport...

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