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Jutatop WB MEMBRANE FOR OPEN JOINTS FACADE SYSTEMS UV resistant wall membrane max 5 cm PRODUCT DESCRIPTION JUTATOP WB is manufactured by coating a polyester spunbonded nonwoven layer with a polyacrylic film to create a two-layer extra UV resistant weatherproof breathable wall membrane. ■ JUTATOP WB is used for ventilated horizontal open joints facade systems. JUTATOP WB is fixed directly onto a wall construction with no requirement for ventilation space from the bottom. ■ JUTATOP WB is a robust and durable wall membrane combining excellent weather resistance (rain and wind-resistance), extreme UV stability and high vapour permeability. This makes JUTATOP WB particularly suitable for horizontal facades applications with open joints. JUTATOP WB offers year-round protection in all weather conditions against leakages and water vapour condensation even in the case of partial exposure of JUTATOP WB to external weathering throughout its whole lifetime. ■ JUTATOP WB is available with double integrated tape upon request for easy-to-implement installations. ■ JUTATOP WB is supplied in black colour, and it can be tailored to your requirements in regards to print design and palletisation. ■ JUTATOP WB is naturally mould and rot resistant. ■ JUTAPRO fully conforms to EN 13859-2. STORAGE ■ Rolls should be stored flat on a clean, level surface, and kept away from sunlight. ROLL SPECIFICATION WIDTH OF MEMBRANE * Other roll sizes are available upon request INSTALLATION ■ Prior to the installation of JUTATOP WB ensure all surfaces to be covered are firmly fixed, clean and smooth. ■ To install, JUTATOP WB should be laid horizontally across the wall and fixed with non corrosive flat-headed nails or staples. Counter battens are then installed over the underlay, and fixed through. The cladding is fixed to counter battens, leaving space between the underlay and claddings for drainage and air ventilation. ■ JUTATOP WB should be installed loose, flat and without wrinkles. Where possible avoid blockages that would otherwise prevent the free drainage of water. ■ Where possible the number of laps should be kept to a minimum by using full lengths of sheeting. If impossible, vertical connections of JUTATOP WB must be made over the counter battens only. Laps should be a minimum of 150 mm. ■ Laps should be preferably sealed with integrated tapes. Simply peel off the liners and fix the overlaps applying manual pressure. Another option is usage of JUTATOP WB TAPE to seal the overlaps. Any penetrations or minor damages may be sealed by JUTATOP WB TAPE. ■ JUTATOP WB is designed for open joint facade systems with maximum 5 cm of open gaps and maximum 40 % of open area. However it is recommended to cover JUTATOP WB by claddings without delay. © This is an indicative document, which does not substitute the installation guideline. When installing this product, local building installation regulations and instructions must be taken into account. Dukelska 417, 544 15 Dvur Kralove nad Labem Czech Republic www.juta.cz C€ Made in the Czech Republic

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