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Suspended disc harrows The SmartDisc is the new generation of suspended disc harrows,with independent discs with the use of which is obtained the decomposition of organic substances remaining in the soil after harvest, while preventing the loss of soil moisture. By using the SmartDisc directly after harvest is achieved the optimum soil preparation, smoothing the soil and achieving the intensive mixing of crop residue with the soil to facilitate decomposition and better soil combination.

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► Basic points ► Equipment ► Indepentet discs ► Metal traps ► Toothed discs ► Repairable base ► Hydraulic adjustment of the rear cylinder ► Safe transport ► Accessories ► Stable models

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SmartDisc Ability to choose rear cylinder You can choose between three different types of rear cylinders depending the soil conditions. 3 point connection with the tractor The center of gravity of the machine is close to the tractor for smoother and continuous work. The ideal distance between ' i the 2 rows of discs in    ■_ . . combination with the working slope, of the independent arms , have an ideal results. -    i The notched discs are appropriate    ■ because with the notched discs the    | as well as the machine can work and in not plowed fields

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Repairable base: The repairable base on each disc is a dynamic solution as the use of the repairable base gives the advantage to the operator with minimum maintenance cost the SmartDisc to work continuously even in the most difficult working conditions. At the repairable base we use 2 Timken cone bearings with standard commercial codes, where at every maintenance you can tighten them reinforcing each disc base. There is a sealing base prediction at each base because we put a gasket. The lubrication of the base is made with grease. The bearing at each base of the discs is made of cast...

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Indepentet discs The SmartDisc may yield the greatest soil cultivation as each disc can work independently. Having the ideal slope angle we have achieved less resistance, better penetration and mixing of crop residues with the soil. Easier adaptation to any working conditions since each disc can be lifted independently of the others to a height up to 20cm from the working depth. Optimum distance between the discs at 12.5cm enough to overtake the SmartDisc any large solid body during work. The elasticity of each disc is achieved by using four rubbers on each arm where each rubber is secured...

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The elasticity of each disc is being achieved from the use of 4 rubbers at each arm which are kept to the original position with the help of 4 metal traps, one for each rubber to avoid the movements of the rubbers as the SmartDisc is working & to prevent the rubbers destruction.

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Notched discs The use of the toothed disc is necessery bacause helps the SmartDisc to work in not plowed fields directly after harvesting but it can work and in plowed fields also. Having the ideal slope angle to each arm we have achieved less resistance, better penetration and mixing of crop residues with the soil. You have the ability to adapt at the same arm disc diameter 560mm or 610mm NIAUX 200 best quality discs or Italian discs.

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Metal traps for each rubber French discs Mold base Drift. V'- Oil base : You can choose and the standard oil base which is not repairable .

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Hydraulic adjustment of the rear cylinder With the rear roller the operator can adjust the working depth of the machine. Easily and simply from the tractors cabin the working depth of the SmartDisc is set hydraulically. Easily the machine can be adapted to different working conditions. Is being achieved a uniform scraping and incorporation of organic residues during work. The operator of the tractor has the choice to use or not the rear cylinder because it has the ability to lift the rear cylinders completely and to work only with the discs.

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Safe transport Models over 4,0m working width folded in the middle hydraulically for most safe and easy transport. So unaccompanied the SmartDisc can be safely transferred as the transportation width of the folding machine is not exceeding the 2,75m

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Side plates: For uniform final result at the SmartDIsc can be adapted side plates. » You can regular the height of the side plates in multiple locations without tools » So depending on the working depth of the machine can be set and the working depth of the side plates. Rear row with springs for sowing bed: For even more uniform distribution and cultivation of the soil you can adjust behind the rear cylinders a row of springs for the preparation of the sowing bed. With these springs is being achieved a perfect cultivation at the soil and the ideal conditions for the preparation of the sowing...

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Kariotakis O.E. 14km Drama - Kavala Agios Athanasios 66300 Drama Greece Tel: +30 25210 66426 Fax: +30 25210 66401

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