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WORK HARD Strength, durability and refinement come together in the 2017 Kawasaki MULE ™ PRO Series, the most capable and versatile collection of MULE PRO side x sides ever. The ultimate companion at the jobsite, at the homestead or on the trail, the MULE PRO Series has the hard-working muscle to meet the demands of your day with comfort and efficiency. Solid construction, starting with the sturdy ladder-style steel frame, is at the core of every MULE PRO vehicle. With the steel-floor-based cargo bed, rugged one-ton towing capacity and the option of three-passenger or six-passenger...

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6-PASSENGER TRANS CAB™ MULE PR0-FXT™ & MULE PR0-DXT™ Kawasaki’s MULE PRO-FXT ™ and MULE PRO-DXT ™ side x sides feature the exclusive Trans Cab ™ system, which allows you to transform from a single-row three-passenger cab to a six-passenger configuration. Stadium-style seating orientation gives six adult-size passengers a comfortable ride with padded bench seats and ample legroom. The rugged steel-floor-based cargo bed can accommodate a generous payload, even in six-passenger mode. With the ability to transport people and cargo, the MULE PRO-FXT and MULE PRO-DXT side x sides can do it all....

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CLASS-LEADING CARGO SPACE MULE PR0-FX™ & MULE PR0-DX™ With a massive 20 square feet of cargo bed area (the largest in its class) and up to 1,000 pounds of cargo capacity, the MULE PRO-FX ™ and MULE PRO-DX ™ side x sides can transport tools and supplies with ease. The rugged steel-floor-based cargo bed can accommodate level loading and unloading of a standard-size wooden pallet (40” x 48”). The MULE PRO-FX and MULE PRO-DX vehicles are the perfect companion for the working outdoorsman, with all-day comfort and strong, dependable perf

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MULE PRO-FX™ & MULE PRO-DX™ CARGO CAPACITY The 2017 MULE PRO-FX™ and MULE PRO-DX™ side x sides have the largest cargo bed in their class with the added comfort to get the job done, whether you're maintaining pastures, tending to the horses or just heading out for a family fishing trip. Take everything you can carry as the MULE PRO-FX and MULE PRO-DX vehicles provide ample room to efficiently transport large loads. The high-capacity steel-floor-based cargo bed easily accommodates level loading and unloading of a standard-sized wooden pallet (40'' x 48''). With a 1,000-pound maximum cargo...

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FOR ANY JOB MULE PRO-FXT™ & MULE PRO-DXT™ TRANS CAB™ With the versatility of Kawasaki’s exclusive three-to-six passenger Trans Cab ™ system, the MULE PRO-FXT ™ and MULE PRO-DXT ™ side x sides can be easily converted from a three-passenger cargo hauler to a six-passenger people mover. It takes one person one trip around the vehicle in less than one minute and requires no tools. Convert your MULE PRO-FXT or MULE PRO-DXT from hauling equipment at the jobsite to taking the friends and family for a ride in three simple steps.

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The Trans Cab system can easily transform the MULE ™ from 6-passenger configuration to 3-passenger configuration 3-passenger configuration offers extra room for cargo

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PICK YOUR POWER HOUSE GAS POWER MULE PRO-FX™ & MULE PRO-FXT™ The MULE PRO-FX ™ and MULE PRO-FXT ™ side x sides are powered by a three-cylinder, 812cc, DOHC engine that produces an astounding 48 lb-ft of torque. Substantial pulling power, smooth acceleration and impressive climbing capability are among the many benefits of the DFI ® powerhouse. Best-in-class generator capacity (75-amp) can easily power multiple accessories at once. With excellent performance for work or play, our fastest, most powerful MULE ™ PRO models are ready to take on anything from a day at the ranch to an adventure in...

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DIESEL MUSCLE MULE PRO-DX™ & MULE PRO-DXT™ A strong and efficient inline three-cylinder diesel engine powers the MULE PRO-DX™ and MULE PRO-DXT™ side x sides. The low-revving 993cc diesel engine produces over 38 lb-ft of torque suited for applications that demand hauling or towing heavy loads all day long. A strong 55-amp generator can power accessories for even more versatility in the field. The robust engine design and high fuel efficiency result in a lower cost of operation, making the MULE PRO-DX and MULE PRO-DXT side x sides unbeatable assets for the jobsite

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WORK DONE 1 ENGINE Both diesel- and gas-powered engines of the MULE™ PRO Series side x sides offer exceptional power for dependable and versatile performance. Smooth, steady acceleration makes maneuvering a breeze. Abundant torque produces a robust one-ton towing capacity, while efficient top speed and unrivaled dependability means hardworking performance day in and day out. 2 CVT TRANSMISSION The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is perfectly matched to the potent power of the MULE PRO, delivering an ideal balance of torque and speed. Quick CVT belt engagement contributes to smooth...

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COMFORT 1 COMFORTABLE RIDE Independent front and rear suspension not only improves traction, but gives the MULE PRO Series vehicles class-leading comfort. Twin-tube ™ shock absorbers provide excellent bump absorption to give you a smooth, comfortable ride. Durable rubber bushings at the A-arm and knuckle connections help absorb vibration, as well as protecting components. 2 SPACIOUS CABIN Thick cushioned bench seats and a spacious cabin add to the comfort of the MULE PRO Series side x sides. The seat material remains pliable even in cold temperatures for a plush ride when you need it most....

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1 SOLID WELDED FRAME AND ROPS Ladder-style construction of the welded main frame gives the MULE™ PRO vehicles a sturdy platform worthy of the name Kawasaki STRONG. The lateral and torsional rigidity are optimized for a stable and comfortable ride, while the frame is also designed to help protect vital components from terrain hazards. A relatively short wheelbase of 92.3 inches and a turning radius of 16 feet offer surprising agility, while the robust steel front bumper and Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) provide a rugged external structure. 2 BRAKES Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes...

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