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The mounted forage harvester

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The mounted forage harvester

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03 Know-how and experience provide the basis for innovative solutions and superior quality. For more than 100 years we have produced and marketed the best possible technology Company site in Stadtlohn for professional users – worldwide. For us, “Made in Germany” is more than just a label. On a site extending over 100,000 m2 in the Münsterland region, KEMPER employs a staff of about 250. Product development, customer care and production are closely linked in our company. This is what guarantees continuous further product development. Good harvest – good all round. › Success through...

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04 Even on the smallest model, the crop is fed parallel to the chopping blades. This delivers optimum chopping quality. The C 1200 is remarkably compact in construction. Even 90 h. p. tractors can drive the Mounting options 2-row model. Optimum cutting height is determined by the tractor hydraulics. The stabiliser wheel at the side protects the harvester from contact with the ground. Front mounting The compact, “small” mounted forage harvester with versatile mounting options. Rear mounting The C 1200 is also highly effective when used for whole crop sila

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Thanks to the horizontal feeding of the harvested material, both the “small” and the “large” models achieve perfect chopping quality. More information: www.kemper-stadtlo

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06 Whether mounted at the front or the rear, the C 2200 3-row model can chop maize. The gauge wheels at the side protect the harvester from contact with the ground. Separate, hydraulic cylinder provides optimal adjustment to the cutting height. The C 2200 consists of the header and the chopping unit with a spout as one compact unit. A maize harvesting header or a grass pick-up can optionally be mounted. A metal detector is available as an option. More information:

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Mounting options Front mounting with pick-up C 2200 The compact 3-row model with interchangeable headers for maize or grass. Front mounting with maize header Rear mounting

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Equipment options Rear mounting with maize header C 3000 Optionally with pick-up Optional also with 3 m pick-up and roller crop press 4 rows of full power for tractors with reverse drive capability.

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Different blades for maize and grass are available for both the C 2200 and the C 3000. The mounting frame for front, side and rear fitting. Low-maintenance, powerfull drives of the chopping unit. All mounted forage harvesters include a powerful flywheel. The blade holders support grain cracking. The flywheel can be adjusted towards the counter-blade. Cut length adjustment (12 lengths) through 4-speed gearbox, electrical operating panel from the driver’s cab. The sharpening stone allows the blades to be sharpened easily and reliably. More information: A metal detector...

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Additional equipment The UniCracker increases the throughput, and ensures optimum chopping quality and perfectly cracked grains. When UniCracker is inserted the spout is raised by about 1 m. The wedge-shaped meshing cracker discs are the heart of the UniCracker. The spacing is adjustable. Solid engineering – various widths. As with a self-propelled machine the mounted harvester can be equipped with a variety of attachemnts to ensure the best possible chopping qulaity. A range of crop specific componets is available to prepare the harvester Intake drums with aggressive teeth ensure that the...

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Independent versatility. The KEMPER mounted harvesters are ready for use in any season. High profitability and a wide range of uses are the marks of the KEMPER mounted harvesters. Many thin-stemmed crops for animal feed or the production of biogas can be harvested with the KEMPER headers. Even under very difficult harvesting conditions, a row-independent harvesting system with fast-running rotors allows uninterrupted cutting over the full working width. The cutting rotors, with exchangeable segments and special scrapers, provide the conditions for the best possible harvest.

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Versatile – “One for all” Superior cut quality for the whole range of thin-stemmed plants. Efficient – “One for the lead” Optimum chopping quality at every working width. Universal – “One for everywhere” Best possible performance even under very difficult harvesting conditions. Low-maintenance – “One for always” Direct drive of the chopping components through a cardan shaft, all gears protected by overload clutches. The advantages – a summary. The extra in versatility. The extra in performance. The ext

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Optimum adaptation to the ground through separate, hydraulic lifting of the harvesting header Versatile mounting options thanks to intelligent design Optimum harvesting even under difficult conditions, thanks to intelligent, robust, detailed solutions Easy transport through low transport width Technical data summary C 1200 More information: The supply of original spare parts ensures optimum function and service life, completing the range of our services. maize header maize header Pick-up 2 m (3 m)

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A KEMPER for everyone. Well above 20,000 units have been sold since the market launch in 1986. In addition to the row-independent headers, the range of products also includes transport equipment for headers, row-independent forage harvesters, grass pick-ups and combine maize headers. Maschinenfabrik KEMPER GmbH & Co. KG | Am Breul | D-48703 Stadtlohn | Germany Telephone: +49 (0) 2563-88-0 | Fax: +49 (0) 2563-88-3199 | |

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