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mini . one . vario . twin easy on the soil work safely simply brilliant

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RoboFlail one The leader in remote-controlled mowing of steep slopes. Nothing else effortlessly works on slopes while protecting soil. Now available with a diesel engine and classic flail mower. RoboFlail vario Thanks to its standard Category 1 implement mount with lateral movement and variable adjustment in conjunction with a classic PTO shaft, the vario offers maximum variability, even when working in forests or biotopes.

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RoboFail - 3

RoboFlail mini The small but refined professional mower with a hybrid drive for intensive green space maintenance for smaller steep slopes around houses and castle complexes. The RoboFlail twin delivers an autonomous solution with dual GNSS antennas and an accuracy of up to 2 cm including 3D terrain correction. The twin mowing deck enables mowing both when driving forward and backward.

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RoboFail - 4

For soil-conserving green space maintenance. - And its intensive mulching deck also makes it suitable for presentable lawns. The RoboFlail one enables previously unimagined freedom in the maintenance of green spaces. By decoupling the machine from the operator, the operator is always in a safe place. Only the machine actually works in the risk area. - And can do so on slopes with a gradient of up to 55°. With the ability to mow forward and backward, the RoboFlail leaves virtually no marks on the subsoil, eliminating the need for time-consuming turning. Because of the system's wide track and...

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RoboFail - 5

Thanks to the swivelling tank, you can always carry a fuel reserve with you and can drive back to the place where you filled up your tank if necessary. Internal hydraulic hoses and a professional wiring harness ensure durability. The wide track ensures stable driving on slopes, as well as the ability to mow forward and backward. Thanks to the pendulum roller drive, the contact surface of the chain with the ground is increased, thereby ensuring maximum traction.

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RoboFail - 6

RoboFlail® one Diesel The RoboFlail one Diesel delivers an even more powerful version of the proven RoboFlail one system. Compared to the petrol version, this model has even more power for powerful work with its water-cooled and robust 25 HP Yanmar diesel engine. The RoboFlail one Diesel is equipped with a flail mower deck. With this powerful mowing deck, the mown product is shredded into the smallest pieces. It also features forward and reverse mowing that is gentle on the soil. A wide track ensures easy work on slopes, and sensitive, millimetre-accurate steering is very simple with the...

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RoboFail - 7

Infinitely variable adjustment of the cutting height via remote control. A ram bracket protects the system at the front and rear. Easy opening of the covers ensures easy access to the components. 30 litre tank with reserve function for at least 6 hours of work without refuelling. Wide, flat, strong. - And yet it has a water-cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine with 25 HP.

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RoboFail - 8

The combination of a standard implement mount and classic PTO shaft makes this model the ideal companion for working with attachments in the field. A powerful 38 HP Yanmar diesel engine ensures that the power of 330 NM is transmitted to the PTO shaft (1000 rpm) of the RoboFlail vario. This power is available to the attachment almost without loss. All category 1 equipment up to 450 kg can be attached. Lateral movement of up to 40 cm is available as standard. This, as well as the very high excavation, can be limited if necessary. The infinitely variable lower steering support of the RoboFlail...

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RoboFail - 9

The power lift has an extremely high lift capacity of up to 450 kg. 40 cm lateral movement for real work close to the edge on fences, stairs and walls. The Yanmar Diesel Engine with Cleanfix Spiral Fan automatically swivels in line with the current slope. Category 1 implement mount - standard system for mounting your existing attachments.

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RoboFail - 10

The RoboFlail vario lives up to its name. Endless performance and maximum flexibility in attachment choice. You decide for yourself and are not dependent on the technology offered by the basic equipment suppliers. Do you already have attachments from your compact tractor? Then they can be used in most cases and do not need to be purchased twice. - Simply brilliant; brilliantly simple! Discover its versatile applications: Humus Safety Mulcher Stump grinder Snow thrower Rotary tiller in dike area

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RoboFail - 11

Easy skidding work Leaf blower Disc mowing unit Can't see what you need here? Ask our customer service for other attachments. Together we will also find a mounting solution for your work. Rotary harrow with seed drill Page 11

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RoboFail - 12

The small but powerful brother of the RoboFlail vario. RoboFlaiPvario25 With hydraulic track width adjustment from 120 to 170 cm With its 25 HP diesel engine, we do not need a diesel particle filter. Nevertheless, power is constantly available because we use a mechanical PTO shaft. No loss of performance due to oil drives, no problems with cooling systems. The full torque of the engine is available at the PTO shaft. Thanks to the three-point mounting, many standard attachments can be used. The infinitely variable lower steering support provides the basis for optimum working with attachments...

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RoboFail - 14

The RoboFlail mini has been developed particularly for maintaining steep gardens around houses or castle complexes. As agile as a fox, the little one moves about on the lawn with its hybrid drive. Due to its compact design, it is especially ideal for use on small and yet steep green spaces such as in urban environments. The RoboFlail miniRoboFlail mini has a proven mulching deck with a working width of 51 cm. It shreds the mown product into tiny pieces that can remain on the lawn as fertiliser. The mower's minimal ground pressure (only about 20% of the human body) leaves no traces and is...

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RoboFail - 15

Mulch mowing deck with strong suction power for the best cut, even with grass that has already been driven over. Professional-grade drive wheels and tension wheels with largely dimensioned bearings and wipers. Cutting height adjustment with integrated floating position and adjustable deck position. Compact, stable and designed for continuous use. Naturally includes an approved professionalgrade remote control.

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