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Intelligente Losungen mini • one -$>lus - vario work safely brilliantly simple

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RoboFlail one Number one when it comes to remotecontrolled mowing of steep slopes. Nothing else works so carefully and masterfully on a slope. Now available with a diesel engine and classic flail-mower. RoboFlail plus The power pack with 38 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. And still compact like no other. Thanks to the highly efficient power hydraulic mower quick-reverse. For mowing backwards and forwards; naturally, it’s thermally optimized. RoboFlail vario The Vario offers maximum variability both for work in the forest or in habitats through its standard installation, Category 1 with...

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For soil conservation lawn maintenance. - And with mower deck also suitable for prestigious lawns. The RoboFlail one allows for previously unimagined freedom in lawn maintenance.By decoupling the engine from the operator, this is always in a secure place. Only the machine operates in unsafe areas. - And on hills with a slope up to 55°. Using forwards and backwards mowing, the RoboFlail leaves practically no traces on the ground, because time-consuming turning is not applicable. Due to the wide track and low center of gravity of the system, it can maneuver through any terrain. The track...

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NIEW ESEL With the RoboFlail one Diesel it is available from an even more powerful version of the proven RoboFlail one system. 890 kg Compared to gasoline, this one has its water-cooled and a rugged 25 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine, even more power for powerful work. The RoboFlail one Diesel equipment has a mower deck. With this powerful mower deck, the grass clippings will be chopped into tiny particles. Soil conservation and back and forth mowing are also included here. A wider track guarantees easy handling on a slope, sensitively tuned precision control with both one’s is child’s...

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vario The combination of standard equipment assembly and classic power take-off, is the model of the optimal companion for working with accessory equipment in the field. 1.200 kg A powerful 38 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine ensures the RoboFlail vario when there is a transmission of power from 330 NM on the power take-off (1,000 rpm). This performance represents the accessory equipment with virtually no loss. It can be fitted to any Category 1 equipment up to 450 kg. By default, a lateral slide of up to 40 cm is available. This, as well as the very high lifting, may be limited if...

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Movement work Discover the many applications areas: Wood chipper Leaf blower Humus Safety-Mulcher Cutter bars Plate mower The RoboFlail vario lives up to its name. Power without an end and maximum flexibility with the selection of accessory equipment. Decide for yourself, and don’t rely on the basic technical offerings of equipment suppliers. Do you already have accessory equipment from your tractor? Then, you can usually use these, and they don’t need to be bought again. - Simply brilliant; brilliantly simple! Your application is not listed? Ask our customer service about other accessory...

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plus With the RoboFlail plus the user has mobile device support available to them, that can even operate in confined spaces accept it. 980 kg Different accessory equipment can be operated through a redesigned device. The device drive is hydrostatic. Thanks to this connectivity, this model can also this model a variety of applications can be covered. The powerful 38 horespower diesel engine allows for both driving off-road, as well as at work with the accessory equipment, always providing optimum power. Driven using deep-treaded rubber tracks, make muddy or rocky substrates is not an...

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mini The RoboFlail mini was developed specifically for the care of steep gardens around a house or castle grounds. The little one goes quick as a flash with its hybrid drive on the lawn. Due to its compact design, it is ideal for use on small and yet steep green areas, ideally suited to urban areas. The RoboFlail mini has a proven mower deck with a working width of 51 cm. It shreds the crop in tiny parts that can remain on the lawn as fertilizer. The minimum ground pressure of the mower (only about 20% of people) leaves no trace, and thus can be used perfectly well on sensitive surfaces....

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Increased safety at work Reduce the usual health and safety measures Multi-function remote control Everything under control from up to 300 m Thanks to position monitoring of the remote control, the mower deck and the wheel drive switch off immediately if the controller falls on the ground, or is recognized as making strong movements. - On Extra safety for the RoboFlail. 1. In addition to increased efficiency in mowing performance, another positive side effect is the physical relief of the operator. From a safe distance in the location of their choice, it is thus possible to work on a large...

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K©mm ek/^v Intelligente Losungen KommTek Intelligente Losungen GmbH Warehouse/Workshop/Sales Fon.: +49 (0)6291 -415959-0 Postal address: Industriepark 5 Fax: +49 (0)6291 -415959-9 Im Schlot 42 D-74706 Osterburken Email: Spare Parts All orders received by us up to 3 p.m. will be shipped the same day, subject to avail- ability (average rate 95%). The location of the package can be traced using the link sent automatically by mail. Spare parts lists and technical information are available to our customers online and they are updated daily. If you have any questions, please...

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