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general catalogue The Specialist in Livestock Drinking Solutions

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LA BUVETTE®, SPECIALIST IN livestock drinking SOLUTIONS FOR OVER 70 YEARS Listening to the breeders to give them all the service they need By Jean-Philippe BOUSQUET, CEO of La Buvette To meet the breeders’ expectations and to address the challenges of their farms, LA BUVETTE combines its knowhow and innovations of more than 70 years. Our know-how and our expertise allow us to offer the breeders complete packages of products and services for both watering and housing their animals. Our goal is to guarantee the productivity of the farms by improving the animals’ welfare and increasing the...

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LA BUVETTE® markets all types of standard drinkers whether frostproof or not on a large scale in France and abroad making available to its customers a complete range of solutions that are perfectly tailored to the issues of the breeders with regard to their type and size of herd. Our know-how concerns several species including cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses. LA BUVETTE® pays special attention to the satisfaction of the breeders. This is a fundamental value of our company. Every day, our after-sales department listens to the questions of the breeders and gives them advice. The LA...

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Advice from LA BUVETTE® on indoor drinking solutions How to determine the best location for indoor drinkers Advice from LA BUVETTE® on frost-free solutions Non-spill drinkers with tube valve Standard or electrical drinking bowls Tanks and drinker for tank Stainless steel drinking troughs Heating strip and cables Stainless steel drinkers Solutions for water lines in a loop system Advice from LA BUVETTE® on pasture drinking solutions Advice from LA BUVETTE® on solar drinkers and solar pumps Drinkers with constant water level Drinkers with tube or paddle valve Polyethylene drinking troughs...

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Advice from LA BUVETTE® on the breeding of calves Outdoor calf housing fo r sheep & goats Advice from LA BUVETTE® Indoor calf housing Dairy cows p ro d ucts fo r p i g s Advice from LA BUVETTE® Measured flow rate Units conversion Table 1/2”  = 15 x 21 mm Equipment for cleaning and feeding 69 p ro d ucts fo r hors e s Advice from LA BUVETTE® In this catalogue you will find some QR codes like this one. Scan them with a smartphone or tablet that is equipped with a QR code reader to have direct access to supplementary content such as instructions in pdf, videos or our web pages. Not contractual...

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ADVICE FROM LA BUVETTE® ON Water is vital to your animals, both for their health and for their performance... And it has to be given to them in sufficient quantities of the appropriate quality, at the right place and at the right moment. The daily water intake varies according to the type of animal, its food, production, weight, the ambient temperature and the relative humidity of the air. g LA BUVETTE GENERAL CATALOGUE LA BUVETTE 2019

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5 NUMBER OF DRINKERS AND INSTALLATION HEIGHTS •  Dairy cows need 3 to 5 litres of water per kilo of dry matter intake and for each litre of milk produced, they drink 2 to 3 litres of water (this rule is not cumulative). •  A dairy cow can drink up to 135 litres of water per day in 6 or 7 visits to the drinker, very often after the distribution of the feed ration or after milking (which explains the importance of locating the drinking points near the feeding table and the exit of the milking parlour, see following pages). •  Every day, 10 to 12 minutes are spent drinking. One bovine cattle...

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LOCATION FOR INDOOR DRINKERS cows Kept Indoor Your cows need the best possible access to water when they are kept indoor. An unsuitable location of the drinking points can have a negative impact on the milk production or the growth of the animals. Therefore, it is important to consider the drinking behaviour within the layout of the buildings, starting in the earliest phase of the construction project of the building. Dairy cows: • 1 water access point for 10 lactating cows. • Large troughs: 1 water access point = 50 to 60 cm • Flow rate: 15 litres/min per water access point • Height to the...

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7 Dairy cows building 2 ROWS OF BACK-TO-BACK CUBICLES 2 ROWS OF HEAD-TO-HEAD CUBICLES Feed aisle Feed aisle The installation of drinkers to the wall facing the feeding table keeps the passageway between the cubicles entirely free. NOTE: to allow free passage of the scraper, it is necessary to choose wall-mounted drinkers. However, it is still possible to have drinkers on the floor, such as CLEANO-BAC, ISOBAC or even PREBAC 70 by placing them in a recess in the wall specially provided for this purpose. POLYSTALL PREMIUM with 90° mounting bracket (A372) When installed parallel to the wall,...

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Drinking bowls with constant water level Universal cast iron drinking bowl with constant water level. 2 1  Large capacity: 5 litres 1  Metall edge avoids water   spillage 2 Stainless steel valve cover 2 Stainless steel valve cover 3 Drain plug without tool 3 5 litres bowl, same as LAC 5 Connection on horizontal ¾” tube. Can be connected on vertical ½” tube from bottom with accessories (see below) The non-spill system on F60 and F30A has been a success for more than 15 years. Horizontal ¾” (tapping) or vertical ½” (threaded) fitting and mounting distance identical to LAC 5. Cast iron bowl...

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Drinking Troughs in Polyethylene with constant water level BIGLAC 25R Drinker with constant water level for stables of 15-20 animals. Made of 100% pure high density polyethylene. Double access deep waterer in H.D.P.E. with constant level valve. With broad edge reducing water spills by lapping. R-version features a galvanised protection frame for a longer service life. Capacity 25 litres. High flow-rate float-valve. Galvanised frame for wall or fence mounting. 1 Two drain plugs without tool. Connection ½” (15x21) from top or bottom. Galvanised frame for wall or fence mounting. 5 DESIGNATION...

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