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Horse CATALOGUE The Specialist in Livestock Drinking Solutions

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LA BUVETTE®, EXPERT IN DRINKING SYSTEMS FOR YOUR HORSES… SUPPORTING YOUR PERFORMANCE EVERY DAY By Jean-Philippe BOUSQUET, President For more than 70 years, all breeders, riders and owners of equestrian centres can count on the expertise of LA BUVETTE® for watering their horses. We want to help you as much as possible with all your activities. For example, since 2017, we form partnerships with racecourses, providing them with PREBAC troughs to refresh the equine athletes, as was the case during the Concours International d’Endurance last April at Fontainebleau and the Prestige Cup Endurance...

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Advice from LA BUVETTE® on drinking solutions for horses Standard or electrical drinking bowls BLUE intelligence® solution Discover the first smart drinkers, an exclusive LA BUVETTE® innovation Solutions for water lines Non-electric frost-proof drinkers Trolley, carts and wheelbarrows 27 16 Drinkers with constant water level Drinkers with tube or paddle valve 7 Pasture troughs Stainless steel drinkers with tube valve 9 In this catalogue you will find some QR codes like this one. Scan them with a smartphone or tablet that is equipped with a QR code reader to have direct access to...

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ADVICE FROM LA BUVETTE®: Water is vital to your horses, both for their health and for their performance... And it has to be given to them in sufficient quantities of the appropriate quality, at the right place and at the right moment. An adult horse can drink between 20 and 65 litres per day. This depends on several parameters: • Ingested quantity and part of material dries of the ration, • Weather conditions, • Intensity of the work • Live weight, lactation, • Position of the drinking bowl, • Consumption of salt LA BUVETTE' horse catalogue la buvette 2019

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THE DRINKING BEHAVIOUR OF HORSES minimum functional characteristics OF A WATERER FOR A HORSE: ATTENTION: Below these thresholds, there is a risk of less consumption and deterioration of the drinking trough. 1.1 to 2.7 litres each time and spends on average only 7 minutes drinking in total per day. • The drinking speed of a horse varies from 3,5 to 7 l/min. Therefore, it is important to choose a waterer with a sufficient flow rate. • Drinking occurs predominantly during the daytime: 80% of water intake happens between 8 AM and 8 PM. CHOOSING THE RIGHT LOCATION FOR THE DRINKING BOWL IN BOX •...

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BLUE INTELLIGENCE® by LA BUVETTE : the smart drinking solution OLYMPIC SHOW JUMPING CHAMPION. His prestigious stables ESPACE ROZIER at Bois-le-Roi (77) have been equipped with Blue Intelligence since December 2016. "For stables such as mine, this is a source of information about the health status of a horse. (...) Our vet appreciates that we have installed this system. (...) It will soon allow us to establish reliable comparisons with regard to their drinking behaviour during competitions." no. 322 Blue Intelligence® is an innovative electronic system designed and developed by LA BUVETTE®...

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The Blue Intelligence® SYSTEM The system consists of a modular combination of several elements: Electronic water counter. Solenoid valve (option). Control unit. Software on dedicated PC tablet, intuitive and mobile. Weather station. RECORDING OF WATER CONSUMPTION, DETECTION OF ANOMALIES AND ALARMS Each waterer comes with an electronic flowmeter that communicates the data in real time to the software module. The number of waterers, the date and time, the duration and water volume taken in are neatly arranged on the display of the dedicated tablet. All these data are stored in a log allowing...

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Drinking bowls with constant water level LAC 5 Universal cast iron drinking bowl with constant water level. 1  Large capacity: 5 litres 2 Stainless steel valve cover 3 Drain plug without tool Connection on horizontal ¾” tube. Can be connected on vertical ½” tube from bottom with accessories (see below) REF. Cast iron bowl with Polycoat. Constant water level. Carton apiece Large Capacity: 5.5 litres. Adjustable water level. Connection ½” (15x21) from bottom. 4 oblong fixing points. 1   stainless steel valve cover. New 2 Synthetic material, strong and rigid. 3 Drain plug without tool. Double...

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Connected drinkers Synthetic Drinking Bowls With Paddle or Tube valve FORSTAL Large shock resistant synthetic bowl. 1   brass ¾” valve as F11 model. Same Synthetic drinking bowl with horizontal paddle - Brass ¾” valve Connection set for water circuit: 2 stainless steel ¾” tubes + rotary union Metal protection frame in galvanised steel for drinking bowl 10 per carton Carton apiece The synthetic bowl is made of sturdy material that has been tried and tested for over 15 years. 2 Wide paddle, easy to push. Geothermal probe Anti-frost protection without electricity for FORSTAL with paddle....

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Connected drinkers See page 4. F30 King-sized bowl: L. 319 x W. 260 x H. 178 mm. Connection ¾” (20x27). An effort of 600 g (1,32 lbs) at 3 bar (42 psi) on the tube valve is enough to activate the valve. Cast iron drinking bowl, deep and wide. 4 fixing points. Connection ¾” (20x27) female elbow fitting..   1 Horizontal, synthetic or stainless steel paddle. 1 Brass or stainless steel Cast iron with Polycoat - Synthetic horizontal paddle - Brass 3/4” valve Cast iron with Polycoat - Stainless steel horizontal paddle - Brass 3/4” valve 2 Smooth push tube. Carton apiece Cast iron with Polycoat -...

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Stainless Steel Drinking Bowls With Tube Connected drinkers See page 4. F110 INOX Seamless stainless steel drinker, sturdy and durable. Bowl with rounded edge to avoid water spilling. Stainless steel valve with high flow rate resist to the most acidic water. Connection ¾” from the top. 4 oblong mounting holes. 1 18 l/mn at 3 bars 1 Smooth push tube valve, easy 2 Large bowl inclined slightly forward Stainless steel drinking bowl - Stainless steel ¾” valve Stainless steel mouting plate with 4 oblong mounting holes. Stainless steel ¾” valve with multiple connection points, adjustable flow rate...

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