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First Choice in Livestock Marking ALL-WEATHEff ALL-WEATHER GREEN • VERT stock shot UVEsWfe IliVt Weal (or Tail Pain*'11? Water Based Pain1 Weather & Fade Resist"

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LA-CO INDUSTRIES, INC. Our People LA-CO Industries, Inc. employees are our most important asset. They conduct the research for new and better products, maintain the high quality level of our products and provide fast, efficient customer service to all our customers. Without them, we could not maintain the leadership role in the marketplace that we enjoy today. Their experience, dedication and hard work will ensure LA-CO’s future success. IKO* Ma*hU From a simple but brilliant idea - putting paint into a convenient hand-held marker - to an array of thousands of products, LA-CO Industries,...

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• ALL-WEATHER® Paintstik® • ALL-WEATHER Hot Qimate Paintstik • ALL-WEATHERTWIST-STIK® • ALL-WEATHER QUIK SHOT® • ALL-WEATHER SWINE SHOT® • ALL-WEATHER STOCK SHOT® • ALL-WEATHER Plastic Ear Tag Marker • DURA-INK® 10, 15.20,25.55.80,200 • Markal® PRO-LINE® Paint Marker • Markal PRO-MAX® Paint Marker • Markal Valve Action® Paint Marker Permanent Marking MEAT MARKERS Meat Processing Marking • ALL-WEATHER MEAT MARKER ASSORTED FARM PRODUCTS Lifter® Hand Cleaner Lifter Wipes Duct Tape The Ultimate™ Holder Pressure Sprayer Railroad Chalk Sign Up Now! Earn free gifts from our exciting New Rewards...

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HAND-HELD MARKERS Real paint in stick form SOLID PAINT LIVESTOCK MARKERS For over 68 years, ALL-WEATHER® Paintstik® has been the first choice for livestock marking.The Paintstik's are great for jobs like sorting, inoculating, tail chalking for heat detection, sow breeding and animal health management. ALL-WEATHER Paintstik resists weather and fading for long-lasting identification and will mark on wet or dry animals.This non-toxic marker is safe for all animals, and you. ALL-WEATHER® PAINTSTIK® Livestock Marker PART NO. COLOR    CASE QTY. PART NO. COLOR    CASE QTY. KEY BENEFITS •Size:...

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Hot climate marking. The ALL-WEATHER® Hot Climate Paintstiks special formula is blended to withstand the 100°+ F temperatures often found in extreme hot climates, but is ideal for marking in a wide range of temperatures (40° to 130° F). Resists weather and fading. Ideal for sorting, grading, inoculations, breeding, general health maintenance, and tail chalking cows for heat detection. Orange Blue Green KEY BENEFITS • Special formulas blended to withstand the I00+°F (38+°C) temperatures often found in extreme hot climates. • Same real paint for long-lasting identification. • Ideal for...

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HAND-HELD MARKERS Since 1990 the ALL-WEATHER® TWIST-STIK® livestock marker has provided the convenience of a twist-up holder to keep hands and clothing cleaner, and allow the entire use of paint from each marker. Our special paint formula is a proven economical way to temporarily identify animals for healthcare and reproduction protocols. The non-toxic paints provide a bright, easily identifiable mark on all types of animals in all types of weather conditions. ALL-WEATHER' TWIST-STIK KEY BENEFITS    KEY APPLICATIONS • Size: I -1 /4" X 4-3/4".    • Marks wet or dry skins, • Twist-up holder...

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ALL-WEATHER® QUIK SHOT® provides an economical way to mark dairy and beef cows quickly and easily. The high-intensity colors are long lasting and offer excellent visibility on all colors of bovine. ALLWEATHER QUIK SHOT aerosol spray paint provide the convenience of pressure spray paint (upright or inverted) to meet your particular needs. ALL-WEATHER® QUIK SHOT® Spray Paint in Aerosol Cans PM NO. KEY BENEFITS • IN AEROSOL CANS. • Just shake the can and spray it on. • Clean, no waste. • Fast drying. • Non-toxic, safe for livestock. • Environmentally formulated. • Available in upright can...

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SPRAY MARKERS SPRAY LIVESTOCK MARKERSSwine identification. For the most efficient way to mark a pen full of swine, we offer the ALL-WEATHER® SWINE SHOT®. Our high-intensity colors, in convinent upright or inverted pressure aerosol, are long lasting and highly visible on all colors of swine. KEY APPLICATIONS: • Ideal for swine identification. • Not recommended for use on dairy or beef cows. Please use QUIK SHOT® for these marking applications. ALL-WEATHER® SWINE SHOT® Spray Paint in Aerosol Cans KEY BENEFITS • Longer lasting dye-based paint. • Available in upright stream & handy inverted...

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Economical marking. Nothing beats a spray marker; that’s why we offer ALL-WEATHER® STOCK SHOT® spray dye in both a premix and concentrated form. For convenience, fast application and marking large runs, our ALL-WEATHER STOCK SHOT provides the most cost-effective way to mark a pen full of animals. ALL-WEATHER® STOCK SHOT® PART NO.    COLOR    SIZE CASE QTY. PART NO. COLOR    SIZE CASE QTY. Spray Dye Livestock Marker KEY BENEFITS CONCENTRATE • SPRAY DYE LIVESTOCK MARKER. • Spray dye lasts up to 14 days. • Safe for livestock. • 16 to 1 mix ratio, 1 oz. will make a pint of spray • Comes in 5...

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EAR TAG & FELT-TIP MARKERS EAR TAG & FELT-TIP MARKERS Livestock identification. ALL-WEATHER® provides a complete line of permanent ink markers for ear tags, and other farm marking needs. The ALL-WEATHER Plastic Ear Tag Markers offer a medium tip in two colors, black and white. Both colors are designed to work with all brands of polyurethane ear tags. The speciality formulated ink etches into the plastic surface of the tags, to provide a permanent bond with the plastic, for long-lasting identification. ALL-WEATHER® PLASTIC EAR TAG MARKER KEY BENEFITS • Fast drying, non-smearing. •...

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