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SF 101 COVER STARTER GUARDIAN® FALL RYE + SOIL FIRST® SELECT RADISH SEEDING RATE:    30 - 35 Ibs/acre (heavier rate later in planting window) 40 - 50 lbs/acre for forage • SF 101 meets the objectives of nutrient scavenging, erosion control, weed suppression and soil building •    Perfect for the 1st time cover cropper; radish winterkills in many regions & cereal rye is fairly easy to control • Works well in multiple parts of the country and in marginal soil environments • Ideal after silage harvest or before/after fall manure applications Termination: Rye can be controlled with traditional glyphosate rates prior to 12 -18" growth. 2’ tall rye should be controlled with roller or crimper. If mowing, wait until rye begins to flower. Radish will terminate with multiple nights in the teens. If radish survive, glyphosate and 2,4-D offer an effective control method. Considerations: When seeded early in summer, additional grains or grass will need to be added to compete against radish growth. Rye can tie-up nitrogen and other nutrients. Controlling rye early results in less nutrient tie-up and conserves more water. Planting Window 1. No later than August 15 2. No later than August 25 3. No later than September 5 4. No later than September 15 5. No later than October 1 VX PREMIUM COVER CROP SEED

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