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Taste Effects Formulators and developers can achieve taste effects many different ways: taste fortification generally, taste masking, boosting specific taste profiles, accenting single taste perceptions in a blend, or just by improving product mouthfeel. To create these taste effects it is important to have a "multifunctional ingredient" that allows a broad range of applications. Leiber's specially developed Aromor - range, provides developers a new tool to deliver taste effects. Leiber-Aromor yeast extracts from brewers' yeast contain only naturally occurring concentrations and ratios of...

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Creaminess-enhancing ingredients are mainly used to decrease fat contents. The most successful applications can be found in the range of dairy products. Here different additives are used which predominantly have to be declared with an E-number. Achieving a creaminess enhancement while applying an E-number free ingredient offers new, innovative possibilities for the food processing industry. Leiber has developed a special range of yeast extracts that can improve the creaminess and mouthfeel particularly in dairy products. Leiber's yeast extracts make it possible to develop products with...

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Cheese – Taste Boosting Spreads, sauces, dressings: Cheesy note Very often in the food matrix the cheesy taste appears to be too weak and therefore high dosages of cheese products are applied. Leiber’s specially developed “cheese boosters”- solely based on selected, pure brewers’ yeast extracts – significantly enhance different cheese profiles like: Emmental, cheddar, blue cheese, etc. while using very low dosages. The fortification of the typical cheesy taste can be achieved either in dry as well as in liquid or paste-like formulations. Leiber’s functional “cheese boosting” solution…...

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Spices - Taste Boosting Masala Seasoning: Spices are typical ingredients used to generate specific taste profiles in all kinds of food applications. It is important to ensure or even highlight their taste characteristics in the food matrix. Very often taste masking or taste reducing effects appear when the spices /spice blends are incorporated into the final matrices. Increased dosages have to be applied. Leiber's Aromor - yeast extracts significantly enhance single spice profiles like - cumin, mace, nutmeg, etc. - as well as typical "spice taste characteristics" like pungency and...

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Seafood - Taste Boosting Shrimp Sauce: Describing a typical, or "preferred" consumer seafood taste depends on geography and local traditions. In Europe and North America consumers favor crab, lobster, shrimp, clam and fish tastes. In Asia a greater variety of seafood, and consumer expectations, exist like shrimp/anchovy, Belacan, clam, abalone, seafood curries, etc. Leiber has developed specifically blended yeast extracts from spent brewer's yeast to create a range of Seafood Boosters that allow developers to take a broader approach when creating seafood profiles that appeal to consumers...

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Leiber - Excellence in Yeast For more than 60 years Leiber GmbH has been supplying high value brewers' yeast products under the "Made in Germany" banner throughout the world. Their products are used in animal nutrition, food and food supplements industries. Using a patented process for drying yeast, Leiber manufactures brewers' yeast products and yeast extracts of the highest quality standard at its two factories in Germany, and further sites in Poland and Russia. “Leiber’s functional brewers‘ yeast extracts offer a broad range of innovative application solutions ” Dr. Bernd Weinreich,...

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Leiber’s specialized brewers‘ yeast extracts are applicable for the following functionalities: Taste Effects Taste accentuation Leiber GmbH Hafenstraße 24 49565 Bramsche Germany

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