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BUILD TO MANAGE Lely understands their customers and their cows. The lactation cycle of the cow has been translated in the design of the concept. Lely again makes another step forward in automating farming as until to date farms have been built to milk instead of built to manage. Combining the data of individual cows and their next activity in the lactation we plan the routines for farm managers and workers to effectively manage the herd. This is what automation really is about. The concept facilitates effective management of work flows and provides information at the point of use to maximize performance. << UNFOLD THE LELY DAIRY XL PRINCIPLES BARN Global presence, local knowledge See what Lely does for large dairy farms and get locally connected: Lely, Astronaut, Astri, Atlantis, Attis, AWS, C4C, Calm, Caltive, Capsule, Commodus, Compedes, Cosmix, Discovery, F4C, Fertiliner, Gravitor, Grazeway, Hibiscus, Hubble, InHerd, Juno, L4C, Lely Center, Lelywash, Lotus, Luna, Nautilus, Orbiter, Quaress, Qwes, SAE, Shuttle, Splendimo, Storm, T4C, Tigo, Viseo, Vector, Voyager, Walkway and Welger are registered trademarks of the Lely Group. The right of exclusive use belongs to the companies of the Lely Group. All rights reserved. The information given in this publication is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer for sale. Certain products may not be available in individual countries and products supplied may differ from those illustrated. No part of this publication may be copied or published by means of printing, photocopying, microfilm or any other process whatsoever without prior permission in writing by Lely Holding S.a r.l. Although the contents of this publication have been compiled with the greatest possible care, Lely cannot accept liability for any damage that might arise from errors or omissions in this publication. LOWER INPUT AND BETTER OUTPUT The ultimate aim is to produce high quality milk in the tank and how we get it there. By reviewing the value adding activities on farm, which lead to milk in the tank, we came to the automated barn principles. By eliminating activities on farm and optimizing workflows in the chain results will improve. Within the concept we focus on lower inputs and manage for higher outputs. This overall leads to more profitable farming. LARGE DAIRY FARMING ACCORDING TO LELY See what the concept does, or email

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Vaccination Calving Pregnancy check n stress free calving n lactation start First milking n separation treatment areas Lely Dairy XL principles Designed around the 9 cow touches to manage the lactation cycle of the cow. COWS DON’T HAVE TIME Cows have to produce milk so we should leave the cows and let them get on with it! Cows should stay in their dedicated groups and we have to work around them. SITUATE LABOUR AROUND THE COW The concept barn is an optimum for both cows and people. Each part of the design is focused on a particular part of managing the lactation cycle of the cow. A pleasant...

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