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Innovative aquaculture p ­ roducts and solutions. Product portfolio.

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5 Innovation Centre for Aquaculture and Water Treatment 6 SOLVOX® product line 7 SOLVOX® OxyStream low-pressure oxygen dissolver 8 SOLVOX® C oxygenation cone 11 SOLVOX® Stream flow distributor 12 SOLVOX® B perforated hose 13 SOLVOX® CD ceramic diffuser 14 SOLVOX® F oxygen dosing cabinet ® SOLVOX is a registered trademark of The Linde Group. The Linde Group is a globally leading supplier of industrial gases. Our customers are the manufacturing industry, as well as the food, process and oil industries. We also provide speciality gases for laboratories, and medical gases for hospitals. The...

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Innovation Centre for Aquaculture and Water Treatment The best technology comes from Linde’s new Innovation Centre for Aquaculture and Water Treatment. The global demand for fish products has doubled over the last 50 years. Today, more than 45% of the world’s seafood comes from landor offshore-based fish farms. These fish farms cultivate fresh water or marine species in controlled environments. These facilities face the challenge of maintaining optimum fish farming conditions: appropriate nutrition, prevention of diseases and maintaining a stable and healthy aquatic environment. The most...

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SOLVOX® OxyStream low-pressure oxygen dissolver SOLVOX® product line SOLVOX® product line. SOLVOX® OxyStream low-pressure oxygen dissolver. SOLVOX® is The Linde Group’s registered trademark for water oxygenation equipment. SOLVOX® OxyStream is a low-pressure oxygenation system for seawater, brackish water and fresh-water tanks. The system is a patented all-in-one product that both oxygenates and sets the flow in the tank. The product is equipped with an integrated water flow indicator that gives an overview of each tank’s water consumption. The SOLVOX® product line offers a wide range of...

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SOLVOX® C oxygenation cone SOLVOX® C oxygenation cone SOLVOX® C oxygenation cone. A complete SOLVOX® C installation consists of: SOLVOX® C is an oxygenation cone, mainly used for fresh water. On standard operation, the oxygenation efficiency is close to 100%. The operation of the cone is simple: as water and gas enter from the top, the water jet forces the water to mix intensively with the oxygen bubbles. →→ SOLVOX® CV installed on the inlet pipe →→ SOLVOX® C oxygenation cone →→ SOLVOX® Mix return to main water flow →→ Valve and hose mounted on the cone →→ Pressure increase pump →→ Inlet...

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SOLVOX® auxiliaries SOLVOX® Stream flow distributor SOLVOX® C auxiliaries. SOLVOX® Stream flow distributor. SOLVOX® CV SOLVOX® CV is an additional system to boost the oxygenation capacity of SOLVOX® C cones, allowing up to 50% higher oxygen dosing capacity. SOLVOX® CV uses a venturi nozzle system to recirculate undissolved oxygen that collects in the top of the cone. The installation can be performed without prolonged shutdown. The SOLVOX® CV is flanged directly onto the cone's water feed pipe. SOLVOX® Stream flow distributor for improved oxygen distribution and optimum hydrodynamic...

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SOLVOX® B perforated hose for dissolving oxygen without auxiliary energy SOLVOX® CD ceramic diffuser stones SOLVOX® B perforated hose. SOLVOX® CD ceramic diffuser. The SOLVOX® B oxygenation hose is fixed on a support or a rack which is placed at the bottom of a tank. No auxiliaiy energy is required to operate SOLVOX® B. This qualifies SOLVOX® B as an emergency oxygenation system. When no oxygen addition is needed, the pores close tightly, so the hose remains ready for operation at any time. The hose is highly-resistant to UV, and will therefore not become brittle due to sunlight exposure....

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SOLVOX® F oxygen dosing cabinet. SOLVOX® F oxygen dosing cabinet Fish grow best at a constant oxygen level in the tank, but the oxygen consumption varies with the stocking density, feeding regime, temperature, etc. In order to keep the oxygen level as constant as possible, different amounts of oxygen must be provided at different times. The oxygen dosing cabinet is designed for precisely this purpose. There is emphasis on gas safety during construction, and use of approved components. The emergency oxygen function is integrated in the cabinet. In the event of a power outage the emergency...

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Getting ahead through innovation. Our innovative concepts ensure that we play a pioneering role in the global market. As a leading technology company, our task is to constantly raise the bar. Traditionally driven by entrepreneurship, we are focused on developing new, high-quality products and innovative processes. Linde offers more. We create value, clear competitive advantages and greater profitability. Each concept is tailored specifically to meeting our customers’ requirements – offering standardised as well as customised solutions. This applies to all industries and all companies...

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