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Managing hydrogen projects with Linde

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Competence and customer focus for H2. Do you want to get your hydrogen project off the ground quickly, safely and based on stateof-the-art technology? Then you should team up right from the start with a partner who covers all areas of hydrogen expertise. With The Linde Group, you have a globally operating company at your side which is strongly committed to the consistent advancement of hydrogen technology and the expansion of corresponding infrastructures. H2 is everywhere Discover the fascinating world of hydrogen and its eco-friendly application as an emission-free, flexible energy...

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The driving force - 3

Fully committed to less emissions. Linde and the passion for hydrogen. The Linde Group is a globally active industry gases and engineering company with a history of more than 135 years of success. We are also the leading specialist for the production, storage and application of hydrogen (H2). When used, this gas produces only water vapour instead of harmful emissions. It is therefore an ideal building block for the flexibilisation of our energy system and allows for the merging of today’s power and gas markets. As a storage medium for electric power, hydrogen is an ideal energy carrier...

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The driving force - 4

H2 is everywhere. Linde’s world of hydrogen. Cutting-edge H2 technologies from Linde are applied along the entire hydrogen value chain, beginning with the production – where, for example, the conventional steam reforming process (SMR = steam methane reforming) is used alongside “green” processes such as H2 production from biogenic raw materials, which are currently being tested and advanced at Linde. At this stage, we can already supply our customers with 100 % green hydrogen. The goal of our development work is to create an emission-free hydrogen energy cycle. Thanks to long experience and...

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The driving force - 5

Autarkic power supply H2 material handling vehicles Storage in e.g. ^ CGH2 tank / LH2 tank ^ Cylinder bundle

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The driving force - 6

Always the right solution Always the right solution. Our hydrogen t ­echnologies for your applications. Looking for a hydrogen-based mobility application? H2 cars →→ Commercial market launch of fuel-cell vehicles from leading car manufacturers →→ Usability like conventional diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles →→ No local emissions (zero emissions along the complete value chain can be achieved with green hydrogen) →→ Quick fuelling in 3 minutes →→ Long travel distances (up to 800 km, according to manufacturers’ ­nformation) i Over 80 fuelling stations worldwide are equipped with H2...

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The driving force - 7

Always the right solution We offer you the optimal fuelling concept for your ­ pplication. a fuelling stations with Linde H2 technologies Our innovative solutions cover the entire range of H2 fuelling technology – from the manufacturing of dispensers for H2 material handling vehicles to complete fuelling stations for H2 bus fleets or H2 cars. Complemented by our wide range of services along the entire H2 value chain, we are the one-stop shop for all hydrogen-related products and processes. Over 1 million fuellings with Linde H2 technologies Storage at the fuelling station On-site production...

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The driving force - 8

Cutting-edge compression technology Cutting-edge compression technology. The core of the hydrogen fuelling station. The compressor unit is the key component of a hydrogen fuelling station ­ because the fuelling is carried out using compressed gaseous H2 at p ­ ressures from 35 to 70 MPa. Apart from the initial state – gaseous or l ­iquid – the technology used for fuelling also depends on a range of other factors, as for example the throughput and the type of vehicle to be fuelled. Linde offers the suitable compression systems for the most varied requirements. With the ionic compressor and...

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The driving force - 9

Cutting-edge compression technology Our two technologies at a glance Specifications →→ Compact design (container construction): Space-saving at the fuelling station →→ Standardised systems, technical specification individually adaptable →→ Scalability: Small to large throughput – depending on hydrogen demand ­ →→ Technologies according to fuelling standard SAE J 2601 for H2 fuelling stations Advantages →→ Low energy consumption →→ Small footprint →→ Energy-efficient compression →→ Low maintenance requirements →→ Low wear and long service life →→ High reliability →→ Low noise emissions The...

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The driving force - 10

10 The one-stop shop for H2 solutions Global presence, reliability and special knowledge in the areas of thermodynamics and cryogenic engineering: Our experience and know-how in hydrogen technology are based on these and other Linde core competencies. From production to service to maintenance, Linde offers you the complete H2 performance portfolio from a single source, making our company a strong partner for your hydrogen project. With our long experience as a gases specialist, we help you implement your project while optimising it in terms of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, required...

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The driving force - 11

Core competencies Specialist for thermodynamics and cryogenic engineering Reliability in cooperation Reliable operation Economic efficiency Safety and reliability in operation → Remote monitoring → Spare part management → Optimised service and maintenance concepts → Redundancy solutions → 24/7 hotline → Technical design for error rate reduction More than 135 years of experience Worldwide presence → Scalable systems for high flow rates → High level of standardisation to reduce production complexity and to minimise plant investments → Small series production for H2 fuelling systems →...

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The driving force - 12

Reference projects Reference projects. Hydrogen technology from Linde – all around the world. BMW manufacture, Greer (SC), USA →→ 14 H2 dispensers for hydrogen-fuelled material handling vehicles →→ Fuelling of more than 380 material ­handling vehicles →→ Fuelling in only 3 minutes →→ More than 3,000 m of pipeline from the compressor to the dispensers →→ 2.5 MPa (IC with additional capacity) Ramos Oil Company, Sacramento (CA), USA →→ Linde’s first H2 fuelling station in the US →→ 11,000-litre LH2 tank →→ Ionic compressor IC 90 →→ 35/70 MPa Aberdeen, Scotland →→ Largest hydrogen fuelling...

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