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Livemac Products 1143, Geumbaek-ro, Baekgu-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeonbuk, S. Korea Tel : +82-31-274-8356 / Fax : +82-31-274-8355 e-mail : * Product specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notice to improve quality.

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Round Baler L���, L��� More profit with higher compression ratio The well-compressed bales become a high quality of feed from the good fermentation because they contain less air thanks to our advanced bale compressing technology. Our roller-type round baler engineered with our accumulated design know-how forms higher compressed bales for hay and straw by the precise and solid grabbing device responding to the inflow volume by the pressure leading time adjustment as soon as bale is formed. Bale pressure adjustment H owe ve r, i t is us e le s s to have any hig h hydraulic power if the...

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Automatic Oiling Livemac's unique design technology ensures fast and solid baling with tense and uniform netting. Netting Device�) Automatic Oiling Device increases durability and anti-wearing by softening the gaps of the rotating or contacting point s of the oper ating par t s and reducing the power consumption. Wireless remote controller (L��� - Optional) Automatic Oiling Device Faster and More Convenient Movements Thanks to articulated connection with tractor, prompt attachment / detachment is possible and have strength in sharp turns to left / right side �" Monitor (L���) Articulated...

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Round Baler Automatic Oiling Device increases durability and anti-wearing by reducing power loss by softening the operational parts of the baler. Power Distribution System Netting Device The gearbox ensures fast and stable operation with less power not giving much burden to the machine when any heavy load is imposed, because it evenly distributes the initial intaking power necessary for driving the parts of the baler to the left and right. A highly efficient rotor and strong pick-up tines collect crops to the full extent with less crop Auxiliary wheels Pick-up Rake Width (cm) Tine bars /...

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Mini Baler ··Pickup device and Pressing springs ··Bale pressure adjusting lever, Bale pressure sensor ··Pickup position adjustable lever ··Hydraulic cylinder at Chamer Mini Baler

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Bale Wrappers Ez-WRAP , LW-AR Ez-WRAP , LW-AR More convenient operation for high-quality and high-density of wrapped bale The Bale Wrapper that Livemac has developed for the first in Korea stems from our cutting-edge technology, which has been created from our repeated research and development efforts. The core advantages of Bale Wrapper lie in an easy operation at anytme and anyplace with a wireless remote controller. This wireless remote controller with the high tech functions ensures an operation even 100 meters away, which now makes it possible to have prompt and convenient work. There...

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Functions for High-Quality Silage Our hydraulic power controller moves slowly when the wrapping operation starts, and realizes an excellent performance in a high speed. It performs uniform and solid wrapping operation by minimizing all loads with slow operation to the final. The smooth operation can be continuously maintained without stopping the arms even though a different hydraulic power is suddenly applied during the wrapping operation. The hydraulic power control system prevents the wraps from tearing or defects caused from dislocations, which stands for Livemac's differential...

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LRT320, LRT360, LRT420 Adjustment for the raking width Closed-type built-in cam track gearbox Raking operation Foldable, Easy Transport ··Enclosed built-in cam track gearbox ensures excellent durability and raking balance ··Wide working width R482 : 4.0~4.8m Hydraulic adjustment R502 : 5.0m R562 : 5.6m ··Bulit-in dual tire ensures the stability as well as excellent performance even in wet or uneven field condition ··Light, precise and strengthened bearing housing ··Easy maintenance! -D esigned for easy replacement of each rotor shaft without disassembling the cover -One touch detachment and...

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