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PORTABLE WATERPROOF LOGGING FLOW METER HVFlo XCi features MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors utilizing MACE Advanced Signal Processing (MASP) technology that “see” across the entire stream profile to give a true average velocity. MASP allows HVFlo XCi to produce superior results under a very wide range of hydraulic operating conditions. Even under full pipe, surcharge, or reverse flow conditions, HVFlo XCi will produce accurate, repeatable results every time. A MACE WebComm card can be installed to give remote access to your data via GSM/3G cell networks. WebComm alarms allow users the ability to send SMS or email alarms to an unlimited number of personnel within an organisation. Benefits • The HVFlo XCi operates under a very wide range of hydraulic conditions, and will produce accurate, repeatable results even under full pipe, surcharge or reverse flow conditions • Lightweight for easy handling • Rechargeable battery offers long-life without costly new batteries • Excellent data storage, typically 2 years @ 5 minute logging • Typically 180 day battery discharge cycle @ 5 minute logging • IP68 to 3 meters HVFlo XCi is a high performance battery operated open channel flow monitoring solution for wastewater, stormwater and industrial discharge applications Applications • Inflow & Infiltration Studies • Combined Sewer Overflow Studies • Pump Station Monitoring • Long & Short Term Sewer Flow Monitoring • Sewer System Capacity Analysis • Storm Water monitoring • Industrial discharge monitoring • Quantifying Rehabilitation Effectiveness • Billing

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HVFlo XCi Specifications GENERAL DEPTH MEASUREMENT Enclosure rating Enclosure material UV stabilized polycarbonate - vented to atmosphere 4m (13ft) above the transducer face 0.2% of full scale at constant temperature in a static stream. 1% of full scale over a stream 5 to 55° C (41 to 130° F) Operating temperature -20 to +65° C (-4 to 150° F) (with internal battery removed and external power used) Full scale range Accuracy Operating temperature -15 to +50° C (5 to 122° F) (with internal battery installed) Ceramic pressure transducer with large flat sensing diaphragm which allows straight,...

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