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MACE FloPro XCi Brochure

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FloPro XCi Specifications GENERAL DEPTH MEASUREMENT Enclosure rating Enclosure material Operating temperature -15 to +50° C (5 to 122° F) (with internal battery installed) Operating temperature -20 to +65° C (-4 to 150° F) (with internal battery removed and external power used) Backlit display 16 character x 2 line alphanumeric LCD Program memory 2 Mb flash (sufficient for 600,000 discrete readings) Internal 12Volt 7.2Ah battery with external solar panel or mains charger User definable (metric/US) FloCom+ PC software for system configuration, data downloading and velocity profile testing. Ceramic pressure transducer with large flat sensing diaphragm which allows straight, undeflected flow over the sensing area to reduce drawdown effects at high stream velocities and provides for self cleaning with an impervious Alumina ceramic surface. Full scale range 4m (13ft) above the transducer face 0.2% of full scale at constant temperature in a static stream. 1% of full scale over a stream 5 to 55° C (41 to 130° F) Minimum system requirements - Windows® XP Factory backup 24 months - parts and labour guarantee Monitor wastewater, stormwater & industrial flows in full pipes, partially full pipes and open channels VELOCITY MEASUREMENT Method Submerged Ultrasonic Doppler Urethane sensor cable Application software SMART PACKAGED MONITORING DOPPLER INSERT VELOCITY SENSOR DOPPLER AREA/VELOCITY SENSOR For use in full pipes or partially full pipes (when used in conjunction with an EchoFlo depth sensor) ZX SnapStrap mounted, combined velocity and depth sensor for use in partially full pipes or open channels Pipe size Pipe size Process fitting Wetted materials PVC, Alumina ceramic and epoxy Pipe intrusion area Shaft dimensions DOPPLER VELOCITY SENSOR Head dimensions ZX SnapStrap mounted, velocity sensor for use in full pipes or open channels (when used in conjunction with a depth sensor) Wetted materials Nickel plated brass and epoxy Pipe size Pipe intrusion area Wetted materials Pipe intrusion area 1 The pipe must be de-pressurized prior to insertion or removal 2 The stream flow may be suitable for Doppler ultrasonic flow measurement in pressures >253kPa (37psi) if it contains at least 100 parts per million of suspended solids that are >75 microns in size. * MACE Doppler ultrasonic sensors will operate in wider channels, but a reliable stream gauging must be performed for best system accuracy. Note to end users: These specifications are subject to change at any time without notice. MACE takes no responsibility for the use of these figures. Please consult MACE for the latest specifications before using them in contract submittals or third party quotes etc. MACE reserves the right to change specifications without prior warning. All quoted figures are based on test conditions and are subject to variation due to site conditions. DISTRIBUTOR: ✔ Patented Doppler ultrasonic sensor with MASP Technology ✔ Easy to install in existing pipework with MACE ZX SnapStrap ✔ Operates in regular and irregular cross-sections ✔ Reliable under difficult hydraulic conditions Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) Pty Ltd P.O. Box 911, Pennant Hills NSW 1715, Australia Ph: +61 (0)2 9658 1234 Fax: +61 (0)2 9651 7989 Email: Mace USA LLC PO Box 7144, Overland Park, KS 66207 United States of America Phone: 888 440 4215

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FloPro XCi - Smart packaged monitoring Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications Solutions using FloPro XCi The FloPro XCi can be used to monitor just about any water quantity and quality sensor together with vital mining, municipal and industrial equipment and assets. Whether you need to measure flow as well as conductivity, pH and rainfall or utilize a downward looking ultrasonic depth sensor to measure pond levels the FloPro is fully expandable to your needs. Furthermore, FloPro is easily interfaced to SCADA/telemetry systems. The FloPro XCi (multiple card interface) allows the...

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