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MACE HydroMace XCi Brochure

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HydroMace XCi Specifications GENERAL Weight Enclosure rating Enclosure material RUGGED, READY-TO-USE DATA LOGGER Operating temperature (with internal battery installed) -15 to +50° C (5 to 122° F) Operating temperature -20 to +65° C (-4 to 150° F) (with internal battery removed and external power used) Backlit display 16 character x 2 line alphanumeric LCD Program memory 2 Mb flash (sufficient for 600,000 discrete readings) Internal 12Volt 7.2Ah battery with external solar panel or mains charger Units of measure Application software User definable (metric/US) FloCom+ PC software for system configuration, data downloading and diagnostics. Minimum system requirements - Windows® XP Factory backup 24 month parts and labour guarantee The rugged, ready-to-use data logging platform for remote locations Note to end users: These specifications are subject to change at any time without notice. MACE takes no responsibility for the use of these figures. Please consult MACE for the latest specifications before using them in contract submittals or third party quotes etc. MACE reserves the right to change specifications without prior warning. All quoted figures are based on test conditions and are subject to variation due to site conditions. 40 years of innovation from the inventors of solid state data logging MACE is an Australian owned company founded in 1968 by electrical and mechanical engineer Lawrence Campbell who recognized the importance of flow measurement and flow monitoring in the global environment. For 40 years MACE has designed and manufactured electronic monitoring instrumentation including ultrasonic flow meters, data loggers and controllers. Continued commitment to research and development over the past four decades has ensured MACE’s provision of the most advanced high technology equipment for the agricultural, industrial and environmental markets. MACE has a core team of research and development engineers who are focused on providing customer driven products that are both easy to use and withstand the test of time in often remote and harsh environmental conditions. MACE is committed to providing its clients with personalized service, training and technical back-up to ensure successful monitoring. DFR-77 DATA LOGGER 1977 - The world’s first commercial EPROM data loggers, the MACE DFR-77 were delivered. Hundreds of these instruments were used throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea working under the harshest imaginable conditions. The EPROM data recording technique proved to be the most reliable method of electronic data storage. HYDROMACE TRS 1984 - MACE introduced the Hydromace system which gave environmental field stations the combined capabilities of data logging, control, telemetry via telephone, radio or satellite and intelligent response to both computer or human interrogation. HYDROMACE 2000 1992 - The HydroMace 2000 data logger provided multi-channel logging and control in water catchments, sewer treatment plants and industrial pollution applications. A leader in its time, many are still in use in catchment management and flood warning networks across Australia. ✔ Weatherproof, lockable, ruggedized enclosure contains battery, LCD display and data logger ✔ Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications ✔ Solar panel kit for remote locations ✔ No more hunting around for bits ‘n’ pieces Measuring & Control Equipment (MACE) Pty Ltd P.O. Box 911, Pennant Hills NSW 1715, Australia Ph: +61 (0)2 9658 1234 Fax: +61 (0)2 9651 7989 Email: Mace USA LLC PO Box 7144, Overland Park, KS 66207 United States of America Phone: 888 440 4215 Fax: 888 440 6999 Email: www.maceusa

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Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications The HydroMace XCi can be used to monitor just about any envornmental sensor. Use the versatility of HydroMace XCi to monitor inputs as diverse as: Flumes & weirs, water quality sensors & rainfall gauges, drinking water flows (leak detection) and weather stations. With the license-free point ‘n’ click FloCom+ configuration software, no proprietary coding knowledge is required to get the HydroMace XCi going in record time! Broad Crested Weir With a WebComm card installed, your environmental data can be accessed free, 24/7 from the MACE website....

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