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MacroBin®  48 Series

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48-FV The MacroBin 48-FV has a capacity of 94,000 cubic inches and holds up to 3,000 pounds. The MacroBin 48-FV is the world’s largest fully-vented, Feature Highlights fixed-wall, injection-molded bin, replacing 4x4x4 foot metal, Easy-to-sanitize MacroBins keep cleaning costs to a minimum. A high-pressure wash removes most debris; a nonabrasive brush can dislodge any remaining items. corrugated, or wood containers. With superior ventilation, this large bin is ideal for storing nuts, garlic, prunes, potatoes, or other commodities that need a moisture-free environment. Splinter-resistant plastic eliminates contamination problems associated with wood chunks, paint chips, or metal fragments. Bin repair is inexpensive with hot air welding. Nonporous surfaces won’t absorb water or dehydrate your product like wood bins, and they provide a constant tare weight throughout their use. FDA-approved materials are certified safe for use with food products, eliminating many HACCP problems associated with wood bins. Injection-molded, high impact resistant plastic stands up to heavy day-to-day use. The one-piece design eliminates the problem of product getting trapped between the side walls and base. Lightweight construction reduces shipping costs and makes MacroBins easier to move; their direct-load corner and center posts make them safer to stack — up to 5 high. * Rounded corners and smooth surfaces mean less damage to your product. The need for expensive sleeves or liners may be eliminated. Secure-fitting MacroLids® provide additional coverage and further reduce the risk of contamination from foreign particles. *See reverse for maximum stack weight specifications.

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Increased productivity. Improved storage capacity. Reduced bin repair costs. Lightweight MacroBins are easy to handle, move, and transport. The unique interlocking foot design makes them easy to align and stack. Better sanitation and reduced contamination. Improved traceability and bin security. Smooth, nonporous surfaces are easy to sanitize and won't trap debris, breed bacteria, or absorb chemicals like wood bins. Load Capacity: Notes: Dimensions assume tolerance of V4". Volume capacities assume tolerance of 5% and tare weights assume a tolerance of 4% unless noted otherwise. Ambient...

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