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Embankment Flail Mower RBRM 115AC/130AC/155AC Microtractor 25 - 60 HP with power grip 540 tr/min Minimum weight 700 kg, equipped with 2 double acting control valves Working width 115, 130 or 155 cm - 3 point linkage cat.1 Intended for small tractors due to the reduced weight and the tube linkage 0 76mm with narrow hitch (interior side of arms 62 cm) Y-knives width 40 mm thickness 5 mm Delivered with cardan shaft - Boitier avec roue libre incorporee. Cutting height adjustable from 0 to 11cm depending on knife type Oversized tilting joint 050 mm mounted on wear ring (Y, Intense Crushing 25 - 60 HP hammers or paddles) The advantages: Helical steel gearbox with free wheel: Transmission of efforts without noise or vibration Substantial fuel savings due to the rotor design Rotor with helical position: even drive effort for optimal crush big rotor tube : cutting rigidity and inertia, electronic balancing after assembly of knives. Reduced energy consumption and CO2-emission High rotation speed: rotation 2500 tr/min, cutting speed of 42m/s for a perfect cut and crush System to avoid gras jam: no risque of gras winding around the roll Curved chassis: the chassis form and the particular disposition of the back roll potimize the ventilation, ejection and self-cleaning of the roll. Armoured sheet thickness 3 mm on model 155 Back roll: especially conceived to resist lateral moves and to protect from projections Large opening: allows to swallow the vegetation without flatten Drive: 3 trapezoidal belts, adjustable tension can be controlled easily Security, ergonomic: lateral deflectors adjustable, front flaps anti-projection, large patin de protection du carter courroie, chassis avec trous pour manilles de manutention. Bielle d’attelage pendulaire pour un effacement en cas d’obstacle. Lubrication accessible without disassembly Serial Assembly with Y-knives, option assembly with paddles or hammers

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Embankment Mower PRO RBRMAC - 2

Mud scraper on rotor to avoid grass jam Back roll: Bearings protected by anti-grass jam system Assembly poulley eccentric ring + keyway Lubrification accessible Anti-intrusion roll fairing Light to visualize the tension Large protection base Opening to press belts with screw driver Mechanical breakaway with pendulum rod locking pin of tilting joint Tilting joint mounted on wear ring

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