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Integral Mulching Mower - 1

Mower with independent cutting cells Integral mulching mower 3 cells TAMPRO 140M / 170M Integral mulching mower 5 cells TAMPRO 230M Mower rear discharge 5 cells TAMPRO 230EA Independent cutting cells : Every cutting unit is isolated in height, no interaction between the different units and better efficiency of each Mulching version, the entire quantity of cutting remains in cell, better crushing quality and bigger grass volume Rear discharge version, the cut is not projected in the other cells, the air flow is not disturbed and remains constant in each cell. No blockage, uniform grass volume and air flow, importante grass height and distribution of residues is uniform without widrow formation This position can leave a small grass strip by turning at the end of the row, overlapping in this zone necessary Working width 140, 170, 230 cm Floating wheel cat.1 Delivered with cardan shaft Cutting height adjustable 2,5 - 10,5cm Pneumatic wheel 4.10 x 3.5" (030 x 10 cm) Anti-scalping front roll Anti-scalping front and rear wheel (TAMPRO 230M) Options : Kit for front linkage Mulching kit (KMEA230) for TAMPRO230EA Torque limiter (LCD) Freewheel (ROUELIB) Iron wheel 0280 x 80 (KROFTAMPRO) Angular gear box with different rotation (KBT) The advantages of the Mulching versions: Independent cutting cells Anvil blades: Creation of cyclone effect and cut mixing Deflector cone: Optimisation of cyclone effect de l ’effet cyclone et retention des of residues in mixing zone Anti-scalping roll: avoids scraping of uneven ground The advantages of the rear discharge versions: Independent cutting cells Alveolar monobloc deck thickness 4mm: increased stiffness, reduced weight, little noise and vibrations, optimised ventilation for perfect ejection fluidity Anti-scalping roll: avoids scraping of uneven ground Mulching kit: Convertible in mulching version

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Integral Mulching Mower - 2

Drive sysstem with 4 belts : increases lifetime of the belts and lowers their warming Floating inferior arms flottants * mesurements for minimal cutting height = 2,5 cm

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