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MASCHIO GASPARDO: THE STRENGTH'S IN THE NAME The MASCHIO GASPARDO group's rotary tiller is the company's longest standing product. Manufactured for over 50 years in the main Campodarsego facility, where the R&D department develops the latest material processing technologies to found its own established methods in order to deliver a high-quality finished product built to last. MASCHIO GASPARDO has something for everyone, with equipment catering to the small-scale vegetable gardener through to the most serious farmers and contractors, with power draw ranging from 10 to 380 hp. Excellent...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 4

PAINSTAKING ATTENTION TO DETAIL The right speed every time The gearbox with built-in speed change is available either as standard or to order. With this feature, using a special set of gears, speed can be changed to suit requirements and the type of ground. Central chassis Depending on the model, the central frame can have a one-piece construction made from 4mm-thick sheet metal or consist of two sheets ranging from 3+3 mm to 5+5 mm on the heavier models. Track eradicator All MASCHIO rotary tillers, except the lighter models, can be fitted with a track eradicator device, with either a...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 5

Since 1964 MASCHIO GASPARDO has always been one of the most popular brands for purchasers in the market for a rotary tiller, though it is the painstaking product design and its meticulous attention to every last detail that is the real trademark of the Group. With an extensive array of models and optional extras to choose from, farmers will always find a solution suited to their needs and can rest assured that their implement will deliver years of high performance. Bonnet adjustment The bonnet is adjusted by means of a rod, which can be sprung, mechanical or a hydraulic cylinder depending...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 6

GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT WITH THE RIGHT TOOL! Ready for any challenge An important feature of the MASCHIO GASPARDO rotary tillers is their versatility and ability to adapt. With an extensive range of rotors to choose from, farmers will always find the right answer to their tillage needs. STANDARD BLADE ROTOR The Standard Blade rotor can accommodate 2 types of blades, C-shaped and L-shaped, designed for ultimate soil finishing and working crop residue into the ground. Blades are arranged helically around the rotor, resulting in the blades entering the soil progressively and thus reducing power...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 7

BLADE QUICK RELEASE: a perfect fit Time is money The new patented MASCHIO GASPARDO quick-release system lets you replace blades in a quarter of the time it would take using the classic twin-bolt release system. Innovative design The system works by having two blades slotted together and held in place by two reinforced counter-flanges. Thus, the fist blade will have a bolt for its release while the second, slotted into the first, cannot move until the first blade is released, meaning just one bolt needs to be released to remove 2 blades. Available on models: G, PUMA, TERA, PANTERA 1 bolt for...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 8

Fixed frame from 10 to 60 hp W 145 L, A and W these are the entry-level MASCHIO GASPARDO rotary tillers, which can be paired with light, low-powered tractors, ranging from 10 to 60 hp. Small and lightweight, they are particularly well suited to gardening applications, to use by vegetable gardeners and to inter-row tillage in orchards and vineyards. With their compact design, they can easily be used in domestic situations, too, and for maintenance of green space areas. On all models, depth control is achieved via the side skids, which are easy to adjust by means of an adjuster screw system....

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Rotary Tiller Range - 9

Working width Weight Category Tractor power PTO shaft with shear bolt PTO shaft with slip clutch Transmission speed Rotor revolution Offset 4 blades per flange 6 blades per flange Maximum working depth Roller mechanical mechanical - • standard ◊ optional extra - not available

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Rotary Tiller Range - 10

Fixed frame from 30 to 80 hp U 155 H, VIRAT and U The H, VIRAT and U rotary tiller models, while part of the range of small machines, have many of the features of the high-end machines, making them suitable for more professional fruit farming and horticultural jobs, on small farms and in greenhouses. Side drive H, VIRAT and U feature 3-gear gearboxes at the side, which ensure constant transmission with no loss of power. Amphibious seals The amphibious mechanical seals consist of two metal rings facing each other with a fine film of oil separating them. This system ensures the rotor bearings...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 11

• standard ◊ optional extra - not availab

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Rotary Tiller Range - 12

Fixed frame from 45 to 130 hp B 180 B and C With the B and C models, MASCHIO GASPARDO introduces its range of professional equipment, high-end machines that are continuously being improved on both the technical and mechanical front. The heavy-duty frame, PTO shaft with slip clutch and multi-speed gearbox make these rotary tillers hardwearing and reliable, ideal for mid-sized tractors. The C model also stands out for its extreme versatility, being able to reach a PTO of 1000 rpm and run at 324 rpm, thus achieving a finer tilth. SILVA with offset The SILVA model with operator-controlled...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 13

CARATTERISTICHE TECNICHE • standard ◊ optional extra - not available * 1000 RPM: 265-324

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Rotary Tiller Range - 14

Fixed frame from 90 to 170 hp SC and SC PRO these rotary tillers cater to the needs of mid-sized farmers and contractors. It belongs to the large rotary tiller category and has been designed to work in particularly tough conditions. The new mechanical frame and extensive range of accessories mean excellent results can be achieved on any type of ground. Designed to work with tractors up to 170 hp. 1 3 rotor options The SC implement's main distinguishing feature is that it can be fitted with 3 different rotor types. 1 - Standard Blade rotor in normal work conditions; 2 - Cobra rotor on dry...

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Rotary Tiller Range - 15

SC PRO (ORGANIC KIT) The SC PRO Organic Kit version meets the demands of farmers wanting to prepare a seedbed without compacting the soil and contributing to its erosion, working at shallower depths and higher speeds (up to 10 km/h) than regular rotary tillers, while retaining the residue in the top few cm of soil, thus improving its structure and the amount of organic matter present. The resulting soil finishing means it can be used both for preparing seedbeds for crops on a field scale, like maize and wheat, and for vegetable crops. AGRONOMIC BENEFITS • High work rates • Shallow tillage...

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