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Page 12 Pre-Compression Chamber Page 14 Bale Formation Page 16 Superior Knotters

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Contents 04 Quality Manufacturing 06 Large Square Balers for all requirements 10 Pick-up and Feeding 12 Pre-Compression Chamber 14 Bale Formation 16 Superior Knotters 18 Monitoring and Control 20 MF 2270 XD baler 22 Single and Tandem Axle Options 24 Cutting Options 27 Servicing Made Easy 28 AgCommand® Baler Telemetry 29 Accessories to suit your requirements 30 Total Support. There when you need it. 32 Specifications 34 Machine Overview FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Page 18 Monitoring and Control Page 24 Cutting options - introducing ProCut

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Hesston, Kansas In 1991 AGCO purchased the Hesston Corporation, a leading North American brand of hay tools and a 50 per cent participation in the manufacturing joint venture known as Hay and Forage Industries (HFI). Then in 2000 AGCO completed the purchase of Hay and Forage Industries in Hesston, Kansas, solidifying its planned strategy to achieve efficient manufacturing rationalisation by consolidating major operations in North America. With hundreds of patents to its credit, Hesston® has been the hay and forage innovator since 1955, when the company developed the first commercially...

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Suppliers of the finest large square balers since 1978 The MF 2200 Series of six big square balers introduces a host of innovative features designed to provide farmers with improvements in capacity, bale density and operating efficiency, together with real savings in time and costs. These machines built on the foundation of the MF 2100 Series introduce a number of new features and countless benefits in this highly competitive sector of the market. The design engineers at Hesston set out to create a family of balers that was simple to operate and maintain, but which incorporated a range of...

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Massey Ferguson’s range of big balers has a model for the precise size of bale you need • = Baling capability, - = Not applicable • Designed and built by the experts in Hesston, Kansas • Class-leading productivity • Consistently high bale density • Quality bales that are easy to stack and transport • Cutter and tandem axle options offer excellent productivity on all models • Highly efficient drive system compared to other makes of baler; reduces power requirement whilst maintaining low running costs • Low component numbers and straightforward maintenance * Transportation heights and widths...

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FROM MASSEY FERGUSON If you want consistently high output and superior bales, you need the right equipment. The Massey Ferguson 2200 Series of large square balers is best-in-class when it comes to excellent productivity and job satisfaction. Be the best, choose the MF 2200 Series.

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The start of a perfect bale begins with the MF 2200 Series

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11 FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Getting you the best output thanks to impressive features One of the most impressive features on any MF 2200 Series model is the pick-up. The sheer volume of crop that each of these machines can consume has to be seen to be believed. And even though the pick-up capacity is great, the windguard with the roller crop press ensures it is still gentle on the crop. The integrated design of the pick-up’s compression spring floatation system, is key to the pick-up’s terrain-following capability. The new design gives all-important ground clearance during baling and...

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MF 2200 - 12

Pre-Compression System Massive capacity, industry leading bale density and superb shape all stem from the award winning pre-compression chamber design. Only when the chamber is perfectly full will the trip door activate and the stuffer fork powers the fully formed flake into the bale chamber. Pre-Compression Chamber - filling. Pre-Compression Chamber - Stuffer Fork in action.

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Driven by an enormous gearbox with massive strength, the plunger is connected via two heavy duty connecting rods. Contained in these are load cells that measure the load on the plunger face. Information from the load cells is used to control the automatic density control system and also provides the operator with driving arrow guides if uneven swaths are encountered. FROM MASSEY FERGUSON The heaviest and strongest plunger in the industry

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OptiForm bale chamber TM The bale chamber on the MF 2200 Series is engineered to produce bales with perfect shape and incredible density. Its design will give massive strength and year after year of reliability. The MF 2270 XD and the MF 2290 baler feature the OptiForm bale chamber, which ensures ‘Optimal Formation’ of the bale on these high capacity and high density models. MF 2270 XD increased door length of The doors on these two models are significantly longer than the previous models and have a refined profile which improves bale compression, ensuring even better bale shape and...

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15 FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Automatic density control Double acting density rams apply pressure to both the side and top chamber doors to give consistent bale density all controlled automatically via the C1000 Baler Monitor. Automatic density control through the C1000 Baler Monitor. Three way double acting density system. Density rams.

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Double-knotter system The second knot tied starts the next bale The double-knotter system pioneered at the Hesston factory has an unrivalled record of reliability, tying many millions of bales all over the world for over 35 years. It continues to perform this vital role in the MF 2200 Series balers. The first knot tied finishes the bale With the aim of perfect bale quality and protection, the knotters are chain-driven directly from the main gearbox, enabling plunger, knotters and needles to be precisely synchronised. The knotter AutoLube system regularly lubricates twenty-six key points on...

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17 FROM MASSEY FERGUSON FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Knotter blower and twine storage Knotter blower Knotter blower Powered by a baler-mounted hydraulic pump, the standard knotter blower maintains a constant flow of air at 140 km/h through the knotter stack, instantly clearing any debris entering the knotter area. The design uses a full width, hydraulically driven turbine fan similar to the one used on our high capacity combines. These ensure superior, efficient air flow. Twine storage All models carry 30 balls of twine in the ‘Easy-Fill’ twine boxes which is enough for the longest day’s work....

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