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Page 04 Agile, powerful and versatile Page 06 Straightforward yet impressive features Page 08 Engine Powerful response from your engine Page 10 Transmission Outstanding transmission capability Page 12 Linkage and PTO Everything you need in one place

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MF 3600 Series – Agile, powerful and versatile 06 Straightforward yet impressive features 08 Powerful response from your engine Outstanding transmission capability Linkage and PTO – Everything you need in one place Cab – Straightforward operator area Comfortable, cost-effective, semi-platform models Maximum productivity loaders manager – Ensure a cost effective future for your business Page 14 Cab Straightforward operator area Page 16 Comfortable, cost-effective, semiplatform models Page 18 Loaders Maximum productivity loaders FROM MASSEY FERGUSON

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The MF 3600 Series consists of rugged power and quick, agile manoeuvrability. These tough machines have been designed to tackle the widest range of agricultural, specialist and municipal tasks, simply, cost-effectively and in a spacious, comfortable working environment. Vineyard Version (V) Ground Effect Version (GE) 2.00 - 3.00 m *Typical working width If you’re looking for a compact and straightforward tractor, which is easy to drive but still boasts an excellent amount of agility, power and stability, then the MF 3600 Series is for you. Ideal for: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...

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MF 3600 A - 6

Straightforward yet impressive features Cab – Firstly, the cab is surprisingly spacious. It’s comfortable too, with great visibility that creates an excellent working environment for maximum productivity. The MF 3600 ‘A’ offers a flat-floor cab, which ensures greater access, comfort and ergonomics. Whether you choose a semi-platform footstep or cab model, visibility is excellent. These machines are equally at home in groundscare and amenity maintenance applications and tackling traditional open-field work. Engine – At the heart of each model is a powerful engine delivering plenty of torque...

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MF 3600 A - 8

Powerful response from your engine AGCO POWER engines with common rail diesel engine technology, powers the complete MF 3600 range, giving you more power, more torque and even more responsiveness. Massey Ferguson engineers have worked hard to refine the efficiency of common rail diesel engine technology to meet the specific needs of these purpose-built tractors For more than half a century, Massey Ferguson has led the way in developing innovative tractor engine technology and now, as an integral part of the global AGCO organisation, Massey Ferguson continues to support innovation and places...

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MF 3600 A - 9

What does this mean for you? Cleaner/lower emissions and higher outputs due to high-pressure injection More efficient combustion Improved fuel efficiency and economy Reduction in noise and emission due to injection rate control Improved performance due to increased flexibility in injection timing setting Faster and smoother acceleration Independent control of injection pressure in response to rotation and load Higher accuracy when using an implement at 540 PTO or 1000 PTO, the engine speed remains precise and constant How the system works Key common rail components include the supply pump...

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MF 3600 A - 10

Outstanding transmission capability A choice of straightforward, highly efficient gearboxes, which offer outstanding power, torque and responsiveness. Choice of transmissions Each of our transmissions offers efficiency, power and productivity, which goes without saying, but more importantly we offer you a choice. A choice which means you can specify exactly what you want and what is right for your business. Whether you need minimum speeds for low power, low speed operations or maximum speeds for high powered applications such as transportation and PTO work. The newly designed PowerShuttle...

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MF 3600 A - 11

MAIN RANGE Field working range 8 ‘pedal-free’ gears for transportation mode from 7 to 40 kph 8 ‘pedal-free’ gears for field applications from 3 to 10 kph 8 ‘pedal-free’ gears for low speed applications, for example when using a power harrow or feeder wagon In the cab, the operator will appreciate the location of the SpeedShift control button, positioned on the gear lever for simplicity of use. Reassuringly, the de‑clutch button on the gear lever can be used to change gear mechanically, or when moving off or stopping the tractor. Comfort-Control® Smooth or fast shuttling – the choice is...

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MF 3600 A - 13

Well-equipped rear linkage The rear linkage has top link sensing for more accurate draft control and features large, wellplaced levers for Draft and Position control and also convenient rotary switches for rate-of-drop adjustment and draft control sensitivity. High-capacity hydraulics Two independent hydraulic circuits ensure constant, smooth operation of the spool valves and linkage. The main pump provides up to 62 litres/minute of oil flow to the rear linkage and auxiliary hydraulics at a maximum pressure of 190 bar. With a standard lift capacity of 2500 kg and a choice of linkage...

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MF 3600 A - 14

The new MF 3600 Series cabs* have been cleverly designed to provide the operator with levels of comfort, quality and ease-of-use not seen on other narrow tractors. *V/S/F/GE

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MF 3600 A - 15

15 FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Straightforward operator area The new MF 3600 Series cabs have been cleverly designed to provide the operator with levels of comfort, quality and ease-of-use not seen on other narrow tractors. The cab of the MF 3600 Series is comfortable, spacious and ergonomically pleasing Simple forward/ reverse control The control lever on the left-hand side of the steering wheel gives straightforward forward/reverse control. Straightforward loader control Front mounted implement and loader operation is straightforward and comfortable thanks to the ergonomically designed controls....

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MF 3600 A - 16

Comfortable, cost-effective, semi-platform models Further extending the theme of simplicity and versatility that is at the heart of the cab models, the ‘semi-platform footstep’ configuration also offers outstanding performance and a high level of comfort and safety. The same hard working features in a semi-platform version All models feature a modern, semi‑platform footstep area featuring hardwearing materials, up-to-the-minute styling and simple, well positioned controls and instrumentation. The semi-platform footstep design gives the MF 3600 the lowest overall height for access to...

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