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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 1


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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 2

MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 Setting New Standards. Extending Expectations THE NEW WORLD AND BRAND ICON - As the most prestigious name in the farm machinery industry, Massey Ferguson excites the passions of professional farmers who love skilful engineering and iconic tractors. Throughout the brand’s history, Massey Ferguson tractors have symbolised the spirit of their times. Following its most emblematic predecessors: the black tractor, Ferguson Brown, TE20, world famous MF 35 and MF 65, MF 135, MF 165, MF 200 and MF 300 Series, the MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 are aiming to continue the...

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 3

A true tractor/loader combination Your tractor can be specified fully loader-ready from factory to accept an MF loader -Learn more on Page 24-27 New STANDARD in cab comfort Packed with all new features for the tractor segment, 360° visibility including the new Visio roof option. Designed for your operating comfort. Now available with the a mechanical cab suspension option on MF 5700 Dyna-4 models Learn more on Pages 20-21 FROM MASSEY FERGUSON AGCO Power Engines Fuel efficient and powerful 3 or 4 cylinder engines compliant to the latest emissions standards Learn more on Page 8-9 Easy to...

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 4

Changing the questions to find new and fresh answers to the challenges of the time 82,837 hours of field testing 3D Virtual Reality Engineering Anyone who buys a Massey Ferguson tractor today will expect it to fulfil the latest GLOBAL DESIGN- operational and environmental standards. They will expect it to combine the very A GLOBAL TRACTOR FOR THE WORLD OF FARMING best of today’s technologies with comfort, simplicity, reliability, quality and best farming experience. Why do we know that? Because, as a partner, you were at the heart of the design phase. This is the reason why Massey Ferguson...

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 5


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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 6

Massey Ferguson Tractor Manufacturing Facility at Beauvais, France wins French Factory of the Year Award 2016 “L’Usine Nouvelle” Modern, state of the art manufacturing In-built reliability, integral reliability Reliability is in our DNA. As part of its brand promise, Massey Ferguson is committed to delivering the highest quality at any time. Each component of the new MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 Series has been carefully designed, selected and assigned to the best manufacturing suppliers and has been assembled following the latest manufacturing technologies. All along the manufacturing...

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 7

ONE Centra l engineering site – Beauvais with engineers fr om Canoas (Bra zil), Chennai (In dia) and Changzhou (China) FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Protot ypes ac H ours testing already New Design, Engine, Transmission

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 8

MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 Series Driveline -The definition of excellent design Understated and yet probably the single most important part of any Massey Ferguson tractor is its driveline. Every component of the chassis has been designed to boast immense strength, a major factor in an agricultural tractor’s overall performance. This modern design provides versatility, power, durability and outstanding capability to the MF 4700, MF 5700 and MF 6700 Series.

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 9

“All-in-one” SCR Technology Maintenance free, 3rd generation SCR Technology cuts down time and costs. Tractor power is available at any time as there is no need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration. FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Adblue® Tank1 The Adblue® tank can be filled with ease at the same time as refuelling. New AGCO power engine Three cylinder 3.3 litre engines generate power from 75 to 95 hp. While the 4.4 l unit provides from 100 to 130hp. These turbo charged engines have a proven track record for performance and reliability in the MF 5600 and MF 5700 SL Series tractors....

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 10

Driveline - Inspired engineering Transmission Transmission 12 X12 & 16 X 16 (Dyna-4). Modern and cost effective transmission, low power absorption giving great efficiency and excellent fuel savings. Under pressure gearbox lubrication reduces drag and friction. Dyna-4 (16X16) is available on All MF 5700 models (see page 14) Full reverse shuttle gearbox with the choice of mechanical or hydraulic operation for 12 X 12 transmission

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 11

Heavy duty rear linkage with ELC (Electronic Linkage Control) ensures safe and reliable operation of the heaviest implements. Exceptionally strong rear axle with heavy duty epicyclics guarantees reliable operation even under the severest loads FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Wheelbase - choice Electro hydraulic diff lock engagement. easy activation in every condition Heavy duty rear axle. Powers any implement * Std value on 16,9 R 34 tyres ** Std value on 18,4 R 38 tyres.

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 12

Easy to operate and efficient 12x12 transmission The MF 4700, MF 5710-11 and MF 6700 Series tractors feature an all-new synchronised transmission which provides a total of twelve forward and twelve reverse speeds courtesy of two ranges. Six gears are within the 4-12km/hr typical fieldwork range, while maximum speed is 40km/hr. The right speed for each job is easily selected using gear levers that are within easy reach, yet positioned neatly to the driver’s hand, ensuring an unimpeded passage when mounting/dismounting. A single-plate, dry-type clutch is easy to operate and simple to service....

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 13

12x12 Transmission • 40 km/h Normal Max Speed - 16.9-30 Rear tyres • 6 gears in main field range - From 4 to 12 km/h Diagram illustrates the field working ranges for the MF 4700 range

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MF 4700, MF 5700 & MF 6700 - 14

All NEW MF 5700 models with Dyna-4 transmission – 85hp to 110hp This Massey Ferguson transmission is renowned for its outstanding robust reliability with smooth and effortless operation, offering completely clutchless control via the left-hand Power Control Lever or the T-lever on the right-hand console. A new brake-activated transmission to neutral feature is an option with AutoDrive. As soon as the brake is pressed it simultaneously operates the clutch. This eases the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience and is particularly useful for loader operations. To...

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