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Contents Page 04 Welcome to the “S Effect” from Massey Ferguson! Page 08 The super powered tractor with concentrated power and energy Page 16 The Dyna transmissions Page 22 The spacious cab - compact outside yet roomy inside Page 30 Operate your loader the Massey Ferguson way Page 32 Best in class manoeuvrability and traction Page 38 The hydraulic flow choices Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence Welcome to the “S Effect” from Massey Ferguson! The super compact and manoeuvrable tractor The super powered tractor with concentrated power and energy MF 6700 S – Bodyscan your new...

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MF 6700 S - 3

Beauvais, France “L’Usine Nouvelle” Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence Anyone who buys a Massey Ferguson tractor today will expect it to fulfill the latest operational and environmental standards. They will expect it to combine the very best of today’s technologies with comfort, simplicity, reliability, quality and best farming experience. The MF 6700 S series is designed and built at AGCO’s manufacturing facility at Beauvais, France, winner of France’s prestigious Factory of the Year 2016 award, organised by L’Usine Nouvelle, the leading industrial magazine in France. The...

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MF 6700 S - 4

Welcome to the “S Effect” from Massey Ferguson! The MF 6700 S is here and everything has changed! The face of the New MF 6700 S captures and holds your attention. At its centre is the iconic MF triple triangle logo, around which flows the powerful shape of the MF bar lights iconic to the MF S Effect: the whole design exudes amazing power, agility, engineered quality and distinctive style you will experience day after day operating your MF 6700 S

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MF 6700 S - 5

A large number of enhancements and upgrades compared to the MF 6600 Series up to190 l/min hydraulic flow vs 110l/min +72.72% New active mechanical suspension 5% New Trelleborg Progressive Traction™ More traction, less fuel consumption, less compaction, FROM MASSEY FERGUSON

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MF 6700 S - 7

An increasing number of farmers seeking tractors in the 120 to 200hp bracket are realising the benefit of a four-cylinder tractor. A lighter footprint, better manoeuvrability and extra payload possibilities are just some of the ways in which, for some operators, a four-cylinder machine can make more sense than a six-cylinder tractor in this bracket. The MF 6700 S blends all the benefits of a four-cylinder machine – compact dimensions, low overall weight, good manoeuvrability – with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable six-cylinder tractor. Turning radius* * with...

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MF 6700 S - 8

The super powered tractor with concentrated power and energy

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MF 6700 S - 9

Engineered power and energy With the NEW MF 6700 S Series, Massey Ferguson introduces the very latest in four-cylinder AGCO Power engine technology to a power band that was previously the domain of six-cylinder tractors. In simple terms, the MF 6700 S is a concentrate of Massey Ferguson's renowned tractor series: offering the agility and manoeuvrability of the MF 5700 S alongside the top features and performance of the MF 7700 S. But the MF 6700 S is much more than that - it has Super Powers! With a maximum output of 200hp (with Engine Power Management) on the MF 6718 S, the NEW MF 6700 S...

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MF 6700 S - 10

MF 6700 S – Bodyscan your new profit centre With the MF 6700 S range, Massey Ferguson makes available in the 120-200 hp bracket performances, features and equipment you might usually expect to find on really high horsepower models, all packed in a compact format. Ultimate comfort for more productive working day • New Active Mechanical Cab and front axle suspension improves driving comfort • Ergonomic and easy to use controls • A choice of three specification levels to meet your needs. Ability to work faster with most demanding Implements • Up to 9600 kg lift capacity • Up to 5 spool valves...

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MF 6700 S - 11

FROM MASSEY FERGUSON New optional Fieldstar 5 terminal provides the latest user friendly Precision Farming Package • 9'' touch screen terminal created to provide a more intuitive and precise farming experience. • New Auto-Guide™ solutions provide economy by reducing overlaps. • AgControl™ allows you to adjust the application rate on the go, whilst automatically minimising overlap, skips and wasted product. • TaskDoc™ creates and sends securely, detailed records of jobs between field and office. • AgCommand® telemetry for fleet performance and usage management. Low cost of operation • Massey...

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MF 6700 S - 12

The smart generation of cost effective power Pioneering four-cylinder engines – The most powerful compact four-cylinder engine on the market today – saving your money Some people say that looking into the future is a futile business. For Massey Ferguson and our engineering department, it has always offered an exciting challenge. But that’s not all. Our engineers are not content with looking ahead. They have always wanted to influence the future in order to offer highly efficient and powerful engines while minimising fuel consumption as this can have a significant effect on a business’s...

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MF 6700 S - 13

MAXIMUM POWER STANDARD TORQUE • EPM available on the full range (not only at P Max) • Extra torque available on the full range • Constant Power between Max power rpm & Max torque rpm • High torque amount even at low rpm • AGCO POWER four-cylinder 4.9l engines generate power from 120 to 200 hp • Maintenance-free, third generation SCR Technology • Turbocharger with electronic waste gate installation for higher power capacities and best engine response at all engine revs • Optimised high pressure common rail fuel injection limits the emissions of Particulate Matter (PM) and means there is no...

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MF 6700 S - 14

Dynamic engine power management - more muscle when you need it Imagine a tractor that responds automatically to the load imposed on it, and adjusts fuelling accordingly to give you extra power when you need it most. Now available on all models with all transmission options, Engine Power Management provides a power boost designed to tackle tough transport and PTO work. Advanced electronic engine and transmission management makes more power automatically available under load or at speed. Use more demanding, power-hungry implements to achieve higher workrates and achieve more efficient...

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