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BioSprayor The BioSprayor offers our customers an affordable, robust and precise alternative to all consuming Spray vaccinators. The handling of the device is very easy and does not need many explanation. Most recently, you can get the BioSprayor also as a vaccinator for Gel. This process protects the animals from too much moisture in the plumage and facilitates the picking of the vaccine significantly. ME International Installation GmbH Winterweg 12 28832 Achim Germany

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Key features: • Capacity of approx. 36,000 chicks / hour • (withboxesoflOOchickseach) • AlsoforsprayingwithGel • No electrics / electronics / compressed air • Only push and pull with manpower; very easy to operate due to the leverage effect • Adjustable box sizes (height, length, width) • Spray dosage adjustable (15 - 50 ml) • Adjustable nozzle height • Nozzle interchangeable for different droplet sizes • Cylinder and frame are made of 100% stainless steel • 100% high-pressure washable; hygienic and easy to clean • Very light weight (ca. 40 kg); easy to move • Table height 88 cm; total...

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