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The Biojector series offers a precise and highly durable solution for an optimum vaccination of your chicks. The completely pneumatic device has been developed to full till the demanding requirements inside the hatchery / field. The Biojector can be manufactured/adjusted individually to your needs. The Biojector is extremely reliable and virtually trouble-free. The dosage can be changed effortlessly at any time. Furthermore, it is no maintenance from our side needed. ME International Installation GmbH Winterweg 12 28832 Achim Germany

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Impfgerät - BioJector - 2 The attractive design and the precision of the BioJector convinced not only national clients. More than 16,000 units have been sold worldwide in the last 20 years. They enriched hatcheries in over 70 countries on all continents of the world. But why is the Biojector so successful? The answer to this question is what drives us every day. It is the claim of the highest quality, the pursuit ofthe projection and the dedicated work of each individual Biojector. What sets us apart from our competition you may not see at first glance. But the secret behind our success is...

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