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How to feed Mega-Max Mega-Max should be mixed with other ingredients in the diet and can be included as part of a total mixed ration, blend or compound pellet. Typical feed rates* Lactating dairy cows Beef cattle * For more specific recommendations consult with a nutritionist Mega-Max description and packaging l l l l D ry, free-flowing granules O ff-white in colour 4 8 x 25 kg bags per pallet (1.2 t) M ini-bulk bags (2 x 600 kg bags/pallet; 1 x 1050 kg bag/pallet) For further information: Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients Ltd, 50 Fishers Lane, Orwell, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5QX, UK Phone | +44 (0) 1223 208021 Email | Web | Optimum balance

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Mega-Max is a multi-purpose fat supplement for dairy cows and other ruminants targeted to improve milk yield, milk fat, fertility and body condition score throughout lactation. Mega-Max is the new supplement in the Megalac range of rumen-protected fats, developed based on the latest scientific research on feeding fats to dairy cows. Fat supplements differ depending on the type of fatty acid building blocks they contain and this is the key factor determining the effects of a product when included in a diet. Mega-Max is uniquely-formulated with a specific balance of C16:0 and C18:1 fatty...

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